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  • platinumconvert platinumconvert Feb 26, 2002 9:01 PM Flag

    divine investing more in INDIA

    I made a lot of money on PLAT when FLIP sold to CA.

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    • What do you think the odds are of success here?

      What about the downside?

      Can I ask if you work in the software industry?

      Sometimes I don't know if the strategy is a land grab in the hope that the economy will recover soon or if it is truly a strategy to build something. If he can build what he is describing it will be extremely valuable in a few years.

      I know that I feel very strongly that acquisitions are the right strategy in a fragmented industry with too much capacity so I like the story. That said, he is moving so fast I question whether or not it can truly work. It is extremely hard to meld this many companies together and get them working as one, but I have worked for companies that were quite good at integrating companies so maybe DVIN is too.

      Lots of waste along the way and bad feelings on the part of those who are let go or left hanging, but that is just the way acquisitions work.

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      • Odd's of success? Well -- if I knew that for this or any company, I wouldn't be wasting my time on this board but living it up under the sun in some tropical local. But I personally feel strongly that this is on target for a huge success, and have put my money on the line betting on it. As for a downside? From .56 cents? Surely you must be joking. This is cheaper than a $1 state lottery ticket -- but the odds are just so much better, if you take it from that perspective. This is not a company to buy into if anyone expects a huge hit over the next few weeks. But steady growth over time will happen. FLIP and his team know what they are doing in terms of buying companies, integrating companies, and leveraging the maximum benefit out of combined G/A support and infrastructure. The waste along the way would be to let these other companies that he has picked up on the cheap just die out and go out of business because they were not/are not standalone technology. If FLIP is right, and obviously I think he is, he is moving toward building a very impressive enterprise, and one that will pay off nicely for shareholders. Listen to the web-cast of the RobertsonStephens confernece and the earnings announcement. I think many people will be impressed by what they hear and the progress made to date. Good luck.