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  • platinumconvert platinumconvert Apr 5, 2002 8:32 AM Flag

    Great move

    Listen-- Viant is a cash cow. DVIN will strip out what is left of the remaining VIAN employees and be left with a few customers and the more important $100m in cash. The reverse split was going to happen, anyway -- this way, they get the cash that ensures success. With 200 mill shares added to the 518 outstanding, that is 718. A 2 for one reverse split back to 360 million shares will all but ensure moving back over a dollar. This was a brillant move. Along with additional layoffs today of the overlap and redundancies from the past few mergers -- DVIN is doing the right things. Am I a "pumper?" Hmm. Depends on your definition. Do I want to see DVIN do well? Do I own a LOT of its stock (north of 100K shares)? Am I planning to hold for several years? Yes. So, in that sense I am a pumper. But am I looking for a "short term hit" or to day trade this stock. Hell no. DVIN, longterm, will do very very well and this deal will make it so.

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    • "Along with additional layoffs today of the overlap and redundancies "

      Myyyyyy mymymymymymy. How people just don't listen. I would be OK with the elimination of redundancies (e.g. 5-6 layers of management or operations built for a firm 4 times our size). But they are cutting, YET AGAIN, billable people. I am sick to death of this redundancy crap!!

      This move just REEKS of desperation and the market is showing it. Now off .06 and at the all time low. We actually had an interday low of .38 the day we closed at .42 a while back. That's where I personally place our all time low. Can you just hear the discussion in the board room over a joint "Here (puuufffff .... coughgaggarp) let's take these two boat anchors (puuufffff .... garpspit) tie them together (inhale) and see we can float it to Bermuda!" "Yeah boss, good idea!"


    • "A 2 for one reverse split back to 360 million shares will all but ensure moving back over a dollar"

      No, if it happened today it would only move it up to .96. DVIN needs to land at a level where they can stay above 1 for ten days straight, yet not surpass the 5 mark which is where the big guns of short interest open fire. 10 for 1 would be the smartest, hit $4.80/share and achieve moderate respectability while still being protected from vultures like me.

      They did get some cash, though. Kudos on them for finding the suckers. Maybe that could be a viable business model: forever and continually find suckers and relieve them of their cash, in lieu of actually growing a company through profitability.

    • I think it will be more than a 2:1 stock split, maybe 10:1, seriously.


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