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  • scoathy scoathy Feb 2, 2008 12:40 AM Flag

    Hodges Fund future

    I have a very small holding in this fund and am curious what everyone thinks about the long term potential is... historically I do not believe anyone can argue with the success of the fund but am curious to other's educated opinions. Also, how does the current fund compare to the new fund they put on the table recently?



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    • They tend to go with the market and adjust holdings accordingly. Can't argue with good management Dollar cost on down moves and long term reward

    • I think you guys are right, I've held hodges for over two years now and I am likely going to sell my relatively small position over the next month. I feel that the fees are exorbitant (almost 2%!!) and that really isn't a good thing when you're not exactly shattering the indexes. Over time, that 2% compounded really kills you. I'm up 15% in the 25 months I've owned the fund (since Jan. 06), which isn't terrible, but not great either. I'm also in my early 20s so I think moving to an index fund of sorts in the long haul will make me more money since I won't have to deal with getting dinged with a 2% fee every year for the next 40. Plus, I don't really like some of Hodges holdings...I don't feel that they move very quickly to react to market swings.

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      • i hold a small position(couple grand) but have to wonder why they are so weighted in texas based companies when there are better opportunities out there, i have been in less than 2 years and cant believe i am in the red, lol..i may wait it out, sure doesnt sound like too much positive sentiment, maybe they could take some advice and shift a greater % out of business services and industrial materials, go out buy the crap out of CREE(non texas-based)AYI and LED(the future)..i will hang in there a little longer, i agree there are lower cost funds to be had.

    • I don't know anything about the new fund .... but I'm beginning to think the expenses on this fund are too high for the performance. I also have a relatively small holding - more in TRPMidCapGrowth

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