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  • easymoney022 easymoney022 Oct 3, 2008 11:00 AM Flag

    Fund Performance

    How can a diversified fund be down 7% on a day when the DOW is up 130 points. Why is this fund performing so poorly. I am down 33% and am trying to decide when or not to just give up on this fund and take my losses or hold on a little longer until it comes back. Any ideas?

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    • Just for discloser, I don't own any of this and haven't owned. Just trying to decide if I want to buy or not.

      One thing I notice if you look at the fund perfomrance screen on yahoo that breaks it down by quarter is just how hit/miss this fund is.

      They have had some great years, but it is because they have had great quarters within that year. Even in years that were generally up 2003, 2004, 2005. They have a bunch of down quarters.

      There guys seems to take you for a ride. That fact might keep me from this fund.

    • i was holding out for 11/08 distribution, but just couldnt take the heat anymore,dumped 2/3 of my position yesterday, on too many occasions this fund has pissed me off when dow is up 300 they are up .02cents..i'll need to double the remaining 1/3 just to break even, probably should dump that too but then it would go up, lol..had averaged down on many occasions only to find myself down 25%(in 2yrs)..i knew in my heart of hearts these guys were taking the "all or nothing" approach to mutual fund investing..they seem to have no defensive approach in volatile times..simply put when you put all your eggs in one basket(commodities-oil,metal)and energy, you have a formula for disaster if supply exceeds demand...having said that, if you have faith in the top 10 holdings(which i dont-especially-drys,txi,chk,cmi,dvn)then you can gradually dollar cost average if you have dough laying around..tough call to time the bottom here..if they made an amendment to their top holdings like adding say...HNZ/KFT/MSFT/GE you would have some buffer from the really really bad days that commodities impose on you..just one dumb investors opinion.

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