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  • SpinalTap58 SpinalTap58 Oct 3, 2008 8:27 AM Flag

    Bailout won't help

    The 700 Bilion Dollar Bailout of the Banks and Financial institutions will be like adding fuel to a roaring Fire. It will temporarily bring some smiles as the indexes close up but an eventual collapse of this unstable system is inevitable. The Government plans to print new money to pay for the bailout. The U.S. Dollar will be worth less than toilet paper( which we thought it already was.)So much for the mortgage mess, subprime lending and Fraudulent rating and selling of Mortgage backed securities. Next shoe to drop is the Consumer Credit Card mess that Bankers have gotten into. The Credit Card and Car Loan Bubble is the next to burst. Lets start Printing another 700 Billion now. Middle classes will pay again for the mistakes and misdeeds of the very corrupt, irresponsible chief executive and chief financial officers.

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