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  • thomas.herder Jan 27, 2014 6:26 PM Flag

    this might move like cann and canv

    in a blink of an eye this can hit 10 to 20 dollars they are expecting to capture at least 40 percent of #$%$ business that's about 50 billion in revenue there the ceo the bill gates of marijuana this company is going to be huge strong buy

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    • Look at the volume spike up every day and as it gets more noticed with noteworthy news, any further news of #$%$ will keep this propelling higher.

      BUY and HOLD for a great ride. Have fun fellas.

    • In the blink of an eye, this can hit rock bottom. More likely considering the LOSSES! HA!

    • I don't know. He may know computers, but, I have my doubts about his ability to do pot. How can he be so bold to make the say he can capture 40% of market? What makes him so special???

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      • I would tend to agree if PLPL's case were dealing with the more herbal form, but dealing with the extraction form, I think he can prove his worth in the use of his connections, network and marketing of that form. If you do your homework, the MJ growth and harvest is quite the feat. When you are growing that many plants, which can yield 3-5 ounces per plant, do you know how many hours of trimming that entails? And for those who know and care, utilizing machinery is not the best way to go to make more efficient the trimming task. These growers and harvesters are going to be forced to look into the more lucrative market of saving time and producing oils/essences of the MJ components.

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