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  • xdubson xdubson Jul 25, 2011 2:05 PM Flag

    wow Huge news!

    Regular news. It happened before and happening now. They change employee all the time. Nothing new, pure speculation. A few days and everything will go normal. Price will go back to 70 cents.

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    • @Hellocali , Excellent comparison , I just hope old girlfriend does not have Rash or sexual transmitted disease from captain ,This is good news , but I'm gonna let the play develop , a lot of questions still need to be answered , Tm i disagree that things will happen fast , when we don't hear anything again for a couple of weeks like your buddy said Xdub said , this will drift lower again , but I'm not gonna be the one selling , because when this is finalized whether 60 % fraud or not this stock will go higher , and if they are found legit , this thing will jump higher Good Luck

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      • Cool! This is good news. One more step in the right direction for me. Need this stock to crawl back above $4.

        Ill be the one that says it. Just because they have found a new auditor, does not mean that there was no fraud involved in the past. It has nothing to do with whether or not there was previous fraud. It might mean there will be no fraud in the future, it could mean that, but don't mistake this as no past fraud. Just had to say it because It seams that some people are taking this as a sign of"100% legit no fraud" company. (I know Mr. Negative Nancy)

        Lastly, one more, but in the positive column, is that signing a new auditor is a pretty sure answer to any past allegations that CBEH is a total shell company fraud. No way of that at this point. Its a legit company. Just how legit compared to previous earnings statements? Thats our million dollar question.

        You guys are correct, if their is some minor fraud it is probably built in to the share price at this point. Unless something drastic comes from the 3rd party investigation its probably only a strong upward trend from here.

        Good on you guys that are buying right now. You guys deserve to make a killing on this stock after this roller coaster! I just want to reclaim my investment money at this point :)

    • Time to cover your short if you can come up with the money for the 5 shares, and move on.