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  • raymond.tokarz raymond.tokarz Dec 29, 2011 3:36 PM Flag


    Does anyone know whether there is some kind of ethical problem with an accounting firm acknowledging the fact that someone is a client in the public sector. If in fact Sherb et al are still being retained you would think something has to come out sonner or later

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    • Read the following (even though it is about Chinese solar companies), it should clarify the problems we face as investors of this Chinese junk.

      Company has no accountability, if Chinese government won't enforce U.S. laws protecting U.S. investors and/or make company accounting books available to outside auditors. Directors can only do so much.

      Friggin Commies. Entire Chinese equity market going down in flames now.

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      • Lots of the issue in the Chinese market is U.S. manipulators. There are some bad apples in China, just as in the U.S. In this case, the arbitrage, though appears to be sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt...

        CBEH looks to be a "baby thrown out with the bathwater"... trading so low while we all wait for the investigation results (which the company continues to acknowledge in correspondence is ongoing).

        Could well be the end of the low price on this one, but may drift lower if the news continues with a long delay. Market info showing hiring in new facility is encouraging. Time will tell...

        Tic Toc, Tic Toc -- it won't stay in limbo long...

    • let's face it the market is up and this pos. just keeps dropping this thing is dead just like RINO,managment cares nothing about shareholders.