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  • acorisk acorisk Jan 19, 2012 5:55 PM Flag


    yesterday (wed) the bid ask was 50 cents and 55 cents. not sure of specifics from this a.m. on the spread, but presumably similar. anyway, orders filled at the bid are 10% lower than the ask.
    - with the low volume, waiting for the news, the bid-ask can spread.

    a few weeks ago, it was 32 cents and 38 cents - nearly 20% - with equally low volumes.

    there are about 1.7 million shares short. there are lots of folks holding long - some averaged down, some with basis up in the few dollars or more. the stock will go up big time or tank once the investigation info is out - which is supposed to be within the next month or so.

    if job posting, new headquarters and other data point you to the long side - you keep the shares. if the videos and other data that are no longer on the original poster's site give you comfort, you are short and looking for it to drop further -- thus, not many shares trading now.

    stock is currently in a mildly bullish phase compared to a few weeks ago (short moving averages crossing long ones) -- but with the low volume it's basically a holding pattern until real news and a 10 percent swing can happen on low volume due to the bid-ask spread

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