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  • acorisk acorisk Feb 17, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

    insane valuation - look at U.S. publics - including AMRS

    It is not crazy to look at this stock as an 6-20x increase in the near term if the investigation clears and communication increases.


    CBEH: P/Sales = 0.07 P/Bk = 0.12 GM = 14 EBITDA = 12 C/rat = 5.6
    - producing for multiple years. + has distribution + has gas stations.
    - stated govn't priority area with big investments.

    AMRS: P/S = 2.06 P/Bk = 1.35 GM = 6.25 (no profit) C/rat = 2.33
    - this is AFTER abandoning all 2012 guidance! - because they can't scale production.
    GEVO: P/S = 4.25 P/Bk = 2.52 GM = 6.15 (no profit) C/rat = 9
    KIOR: P/Bk = 5.19
    Szym: P/S = 15 P/Bk = 2.9

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    • heddygreen Feb 17, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

      yes it is an interesting situation rare but it does happen

    • You must be new to Chinese stocks ... and this one is reverse merger and now OTC. Insane valuation is a given. Making money on the investment is not.

      I just bought ABX, CVX, NVS, SNDK and QCOM today. I don't buy Chinese junk anymore ... still waiting to get out of this and HSOL.

      • 1 Reply to furball_80110
      • Furball I love SNDK have held it for a while , its been very good to me , they are usually a 2nd 1/2 of the year story so be patient , qcom is in aapl so they should do well , I actually bought a Chinese company today SINA , earnings are on the 27th i think they will do well with weibo (twitter of china) i actually think if u buy Dang and hold it u could make a lot (amazon of china ) i have done well with Trina solar and bidu (I still have both TSL is stuck in the mud as of late but they report earnings next Thurs) Bidu had earnings yesterday it grew 82% over last year but the stock got hit hard probably because it had a nice run up going into earnings. The thing with these stocks is if you rise over 20% you have to take some off the table , and than when it has a pull back u buy more , there always is a pull back. I think u should have stayed in JASO also that will be a $4 stock in October.

    • The problem is,there has been no press release since last July,no trust in this company why would anyone want to buy this stock,company has to give some reason to create interest in this company.

      • 1 Reply to johnsusko73
      • absolutely and completely agree... 1) IF the company is silent on purpose to get all ducks in the row before announcing the results and IF the single communication from last summer was to let us know the company reality if we wanted to invest in it (a big leap of faith, one which I have adopted - but it would be Oh so much easier with more company communication -- but, then the price would be higher -- risk / reward, I guess...) THEN - this is an awesome deal.

        IF on the other hand, the investigation has just been a delay tactic, then we're all dinged.

        However, if I were doing a delay tactic - I don't think I'd bother and hire Shearman, Christensen, etc...

        We'll find out soon enough...