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  • kurtslade kurtslade Mar 26, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Take a chill pill on the investigation.

    Results will be publish soon.

    When exactly? No one knows.

    But they will publish them so just chill.

    No sence getting all worked up over it.

    Have a good day all.

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    • done!

    • Toby send me an email at I want to share something.

    • Well, stated !! I would much rather see a through investigation and the true results then a quick look at the books.

      Why would Jeff the CFO make a statement during our last visit ,we made in jan of this year ,and posted pictures from..he clearly stated YES THAT FY 2011 FINANCIALS ARE CORRECT! He did not waiver in his statement.

    • Time for another pill.

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      • I would assume Roger has received so many e-mails, that he could never answer everyone if he wanted too.

        Does not matter.

        If what they say is true and investigation is complete and they are presenting to SEC, then when they release it, they release it.

        Hopefully, the investigation will be somewhat good.

        If the investigation shows some fraud or skimming or something by former executives, then they are still going to have to face a wave of lawsuits.

        On the other hand, that would be somewhat not so bad if that is all it is.

        According to the accusations, they were a total fraud faking their whole operations. This is what hopefully will be proven totally false.

        And there is a good chance that is the case. Long after the accusations and all that happened last year, they brought in the new people. Those people obviously went over the books and the operation and would have easily determined if the whole company was a scam. Instead, last July, they issued guidance of about $1 share yearly earnings to be taken roughly with costs of lawsuits and investigation, which considering the amount of time will be a lot. Still, you figure they looked over everything and by issuing this guidance confirmed that the operation is real or they are total scamsters trying to perpetuate the scam. Which is doubtful, unless they want criminal charges against them and jail time. You would not hire into a company accused of massive fraud, being investigated and then conspire to further a massive fraud unless you were ultimately crazy. And by looking at the past reputation of the new guy especially. It is even more extremely unlikely.

        Therefore, I would predict there might have been some fraud as far as overstating but not so much as the company was a total sham. Especially, if the guidance given was at least based on a rough estimate of confirmed production and contracts.

        A good report could bump up the stock a lot but there still could be a lot of time but yet opportunity before this really would increase to its potentila. With lawsuits and the bad negative of all, investors at first will not embrace it like before. But if their operation is real, and time passes, they start renewing confidence, get rid of lawsuits, and start putting out quarterly reports showing anything near $1 per share annually and then start growing profits. A few years from now, this is a possible big winner.

    • Sure. Hard to know whom to trust on these message boards, but it appears that tmbiogen's latest news from Stephen Markscheid does check out (unless the "Stephen Markscheid" profile on linkedin is spoofed, which I find hard to believe - what the heck would be the motivation to go to all of that trouble?). So, I will hold my remaining 20,000 shares and be patient.

      Roger (CBEH IR) hasn't been responding to my emails recently, has anyone gotten an email response from him in the past week or so? If so, then has it been the same old typical "robo-reply", or did it contain some different or useful information this time?

    • He is absolutely right no point in disputing what we don't know , trade other stocks while waiting and make money , Good Point Kurt , I mean Chenge , I mean TM . The news will be out soon and it will be good , and than acor can mail me my $100 and I can hold my 19,775 shares till it equals $100,000..