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  • napadawg81 napadawg81 Apr 12, 2012 2:14 AM Flag

    Just landed in China for the 5th time in last 12 months.

    Wow, I spent a couple of days getting to China and come back to check the board and it seems to have been taken over by shorts! I've got to be honest, I never did message boards before. Never felt the need to just spout off from the anonymity of a computer. I signed up for this yahoo message board for the sole purpose of trying to help others see what I was able to see in my travels overseas and try to put others minds at ease on what I saw. I never thought about it actually being a negative to some that the worries of whether CBEH was actually real and doing business. Live and learn.

    I have noticed that the recent negative posters do not seem to be very civil. Sad. But I guess once you put things into perspective that it makes sense. I do own a lot of CBEH stock, but you will not ever hear me say on a public message board how much I sold or why. I would have to question anyone who would make such a statement. Remember, anyone can say anything on these boards and no one would be the wiser whether it is true or not.

    I will say this, I am invested in CBEH doing well and I want CBEH to do well. I can say that I saw their facilities and their offices. And I invested more after I did see them. I fully believe that the investigation is complete and it will be or has already been sent to the audit committee. From there, I can only speculate, but I feel good about it.

    As you read posts on here, try to put each of them in perspective. No one heavily invested in CBEH would be on here downing the company! If there are negative posts, it is for the sole purpose of trying to make investors panic and sell cheap. For any of us that are invested in seeing CBEH stock rise, please keep perspective.

    And for those that have led the way with information and putting yourself out there to help us (Tobygrand, Tmbiogen, and others) thank you.

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    • Enjoy your trip to China. Please post if you can about the general state of the Chinese economy -- we hear in the media that there is fear of a slowdown. Also post if you hear anything of relevance to CBEH.

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      • apparently the chinese government is less worried than the media -- Yuan trade band widened this weekend -- big deal for macro chinese economy outlook...

        Shifting the yuan trading rules is about the strongest signal Beijing could give that growth downside has diminished and potential pitfalls are manageable. Few reforms are as replete with risk as tinkering with the currency because faith in its soundness directly correlates to economic stability.
        "For everybody who thought China was heading for a hard landing, it's over. This move says they are comfortable with the direction the economy is moving in," Paul Markowski, president of New York-based MES Advisers and a long-time investment adviser to China's monetary authorities, told Reuters.

    • Well said.
      You expressed my exact feelings.
      I have avoided from responding until now, because English is not my native language.


    • thanks for the post.

      To add as a general board "process" -- there literally is a "bashers handbook" out there -- lays out how to have 2 or 3 people come to a board to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt as part of a broad play to manipulate a thinly traded stock.

      The posts can be coordinated for timing of external events ( a number of salvos last year occurred over the chinese new year, for example). In the case of CBEH -- folks took advantage of the citywide pollution control for a festival -- to paint an idle CBEH and therefore a fraudulent CBEH -- Alfred Little (hedge fund) and crew have proven to be the real frauds.

      Some details may not be exact, but the gist is: 1 person attacks and tries to inflame the board leaders - to cut out existing authority, or at least to raise doubt. 1 person gives a combination of support and fear inducing news - to be "one of the crowd", but moves sentiment of the crowd more negative. 1 hits hard, often with logical flaws (proof by analogy, etc)on trying to authoritatively say the whole company is negative. At the same time, shorts - investor, fund or other will often sell a big block, driving the thinly traded stock down, coinciding with some statements preceding the movement on the board.

      end result is fear, uncertainty and doubt -- can turn sentiment on a thinly traded stock and a lot of money can be made.

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      • I think you hit the nail on the head. And it looks exactly like what has happened over the last few days. One is obviously bashing and one is "one of us" so to speak, just trying to give "honest" fears of things. Not a sophisticated plan but I'm sure it has been effective over and over again. Actually, on these anonymous message boards, it could probably be one individual. But 2 would make a great team, just like pick pockets.