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  • supracmdrr supracmdrr Jan 3, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Still halted LPH

    I can't believe I had over a double and in one day sold and lost $$,who knows how long it will be halted,but selling my winners in China BIDU,SOHU,TSL,SINA CTRP I ended up just a bit,TSL saved me today.I still have CBEH tho,and was surprised the noise in LPH did nothing,I guess all weak hands holding CBEH have sold.

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    • I agree with NewConvenant,there will be no financials and Tmboigen you are knowledgeable we know you are also Phoenix your buddy Royal said so,why are you answering yourself MondyTrader is right the company will probably never give us financials again,Gao will take the rest of the $ and go dark back to China.I give you credit TM you and Royal and some others will fight to the ship goes down,That guy TobyGrand is the biggest P.O. S. i think something is very fishy with Toby's pictures from CBEH sight and Toby might be someone who posts on here regularly under a different name.This stock will never be over 55 cents again.IMOThis news from LPH just shows you the whole industry is a farce.I was surprised that more people did not sell today,I think most people got out on 12/31/12.

    • I made a lot of cash with lph... I am happy I sold near the top. It will be halted for months. and it will resume on pk exactly like all others. RedChips already terminated the contract with LPH... The only way they can get this solved will be an independent investigation and will need to redo all financials.

      Sorry for all longs. Iam more positive with CBEH.