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  • royal_th royal_th Jan 11, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    OH, Dear Deer.

    What happen, DEER.
    DEER Deer Consumer Products $0.35 -84.52%

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    • SVM is still over $4,it seems all people holding deer could not sell today but the volume proves otherwise,I know there was a big hedge fund in this stock last year,I think it was Paulson and lost a fortune,the more you see this happen the more you shake your head owning this stuff,I sure hope that CBEH will be 1 of the very few stocks that recover.

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      • A lot of that is up to the CSRC. Unless the chinese regulators change their minds, you will only continue to see these stocks delisted one by one - if not in mass.

        SVM is a Canadian company doing business in China, so it is not the same as DEER by the way.

        As far as I see it, Shorts such as AL and the rest, are going to be able to take these companies down at their leisure. All they have to do is to come up with some charge - phony or real. Then whatever exchange they are on will be forced to do an investigation. Part of which is that the company provide documentation to prove their claims. But all that documentation is in China and is considered a "state secret," so it will be impossible for these companies to bring it to the US and prove their innocence. Therefore they will be delisted. LPH looks like the next in line.

        Then there is the danger of our own PCAOB calling to delist them first since the CSRC refused to allow them to do inspections.

        So the best thing is to stay out of the way unless one is gambling on a buyout or the like.

        The other thing one could do would be to make a list of what apear to be good companies such as SKBI and others whose SEC filings are up to date; and then buy them in mass if there is an announcement that the CSRC has changed its mind.

    • I am glad CBEH has a clean investigation!


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