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  • tmbiogen tmbiogen May 6, 2013 8:48 PM Flag


    Why dont you join us on linkedin... there is a Cbeh group and you have my facebook address... just reply to a msg I sent you before. BTW i dont know if you really own 1 000 000 share but if you spent 8000 - 9000$ on a trip to Tongchuan there is great chance you are. My question is why are you not buying right now?

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    • LinkedIn group CBEH Investor IS mandatory for anyone serious about their investment. A wonderful source for discussions and informative updates on all of CBEH's business and biodiesel developments in China and worldwide.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • TM that is a site for professional occupations,IMO TobyGrand is not a professional,he works at the Cheesecake factory look at his other Facebook Pix, thats a good point about him purchasing more shares,he first posted his pictures Feb or March of 2012 the stock was in the 80 cent range if I remember back then,and he insists that the stock will go over $6,whatever happened to that guy Jack who was devastated when the stock went lower then 70 cents,he put a lot of his entire savings in this stock,yo Jack if you are out there give us a signal are you OK..