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  • runforthehills971 runforthehills971 Jun 8, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

    LPH which is now LPIH competitor to CBEH

    was almost $3,was halted and went down to 4 cents now it is 4 bagger @ 16 cents,and they have a 1/3 of a mill shares traded,What happens next 50 cents or 40 cents for CBEH

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    • Seeking alpha article on LPIH,Competitor of CBEH ---- Conclusion

      It is looking less and less like the timed silence by Longwei executives is going to be for something like a full scale 3rd party audit; which could really be about the only thing that could save this company at this point. It becomes harder and harder to mount a defense for the company without something like an objective outside audit of production and staff.

      It has now been over three full months since the original article was published and nary a word has been muttered by Longwei executives. Two Directors have resigned and class action suits loom. No 3rd party audits of production have been performed. If the chance presents itself and there are shares to borrow, a short upon re-trading could be extremely lucrative.

      If you're new to China-based US stock scams, this has the potential to serve as the mother of all cases - so review the facts and pay close attention to how it's done. In the rare event that LPH trade again, presumably it will be on the OTC Market, where corruption and fraud are brazen. Tons of questions still loom here and aside from having a show to watch, it is in the opinion of this investor to stay as far away from LPH as possible