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  • lesspheus lesspheus Aug 3, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    The "real company" lie

    What makes CBEH a "real company" according to the people here? It is that they have employees, an office, facilities, and some people to vouch for them. Bernie Madoff, Enron, WorldCom, and tons of other now gone scams had all that and more. Most of the other Chinese scams had all that? CCME was a real company. CCME ran a real business. They had employees and a real revenue generating as business. The problem was that the stated numbers were all vastly over inflated. FUQI has a very real and highly profitable business, but it looks like over $100 million was siphoned off by an executive.

    What on earth makes you tards think that CBEH is different from other scams? Clearly CBEH is not all above board. If CBEH were legit, they would not be in this situation. None of you have any proof of anything. You only have hope.

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    • Less is right. There are so many companies that are way way way higher then CBEH since the halt. Hope Greed and Fear it is. Then they have this knucklehead Toby throwing around all false information, after the lawyers get their share,and Gao pockets what he can,this unfortunately will be finished. Whats Crazy is this board has more action then other companies whose investors are making a ton, Weird

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      • There is ZERO CHANCE that CBEH is going to $6 after the lawsuit is settled. Toby is a proven, repeated liar and a horrible person.

        There is so much action here because of so many self-deceived idiots on this board who are incapable of opening their eyes to even the possibility that they may be wrong. They have nothing but hope and continue to throw good money after bad. TMBiogen may be the most blind of them all, yet he is always here using who knows how many different aliases to pump this turd.

    • Well said!