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  • agricultico agricultico Aug 3, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    Less & ,mize are contrary indicators,....only speaks well of our CBEH...

    having these guys ,posting #$%$ 24/7!!! BTW, I learn english by myself when I was 12 year old in my father ´s farm,with a subscription of Reader´s Digest.Be happy as I am,with this baby.

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    • CBEH es muy malo cabron. Tu nino es tu muerto.

    • Your're right. CBEH is fantastic. Fully legit. Real company!!! Big news by August 14th according to Toby, your Lord!!! $6 per share on August 14th and $10 per share by September. Toby promises, yet again. Toby is The Man. He has gone off to get a calculator to find out what $6 times 100 shares equals.

      And, yes, the management is fully on board to get this legitimate company functioning again. They have tons of good news to share and never did anything wrong. The CEO is perplexed as to why they simply can't share all the good news with us. They did "nothing" wrong.

      If I am such a contrary indicator, why do you only have 3% of your portfolio in this sure thing? Put in at least 30%. When it goes up 10 times in the next week and a half, you will really make out. Seriously, throw all the money you can into CBEH!!!!! Do it as soon as you can. CBEH will explode higher very soon.

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      • Less, TMbiogen only has like 5-6 screen names,I think he realizes now he has to dump his shares,but he is hoping when CBEH announces that it has settled law suit,(in Maybe 2 years),when the stock explodes to possibly 70 cents,he will unload his shares. Then of course it will drift back in 30 cent range forever.Sell all your shares and put it in FSLR before earnings Tuesday. If they miss you might lose 15% but the pain will be over. If they beat and guide higher you will be in the next TSLA,NFLX,FB,LNKD for at least 50% GAIN IMO

    • Well, all signs of your intelligence indicate that you are still 12 years old.

      You are so blind and unwilling to actually think that you want to believe that some voices of reason are contrary indicators. You only have hope and nothing else to justify why you are throwing away your money