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  • demswin2008 demswin2008 Jan 18, 2008 4:42 PM Flag

    Looks Like A Vote Of "No Confidence"

    This stock should have had a steady rise into the Ceplene approval. The last few weeks there seemed to be accumulation, but maybe all those shares were just being dumped by people in the know. Sometimes the insiders are just flipping a coin as well. Look at all the insider buys at MEMY. They bought in at 1.80 range and bought 30% of the shares outstanding. That stock is now .50

    Epicept has no money and no ability to raise anymore without diluting its shareprice to nothing. There only hope at this point will be a buy out. MYGN's royalities won't even be enough to sustain the pps. for long. Even with approval, they still will need "Millions"!

    Still up 20,000. from the last spike. Time to put this money into companies with earnings. GLA

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    • That's why I'm in this stock too. The rewards could be enormous. However, this drop in price is a bit worrying. The total value of shares sold is still very modest though. The biggest sales on friday don't count for much on most stock exchanges. it could be negative np1 info leaking, I suppose, but if so, I would have thought that we'd see a million dollars' worth of sales or more. On the other hand, $50,000 is not a lot of money to someone who thought they stood to get a big piece of a good stock even cheaper. (Wishful thinking maybe, I know.)

    • Ceplene estimated sales (EU alone)= 200m
      NP-1 potential sales = 1b
      Azixa potential sales 3b (x10%) = 300m
      1.5 b

      If all drugs make it to market....

      Something for the board to chew on.

    • For every 1 winner in the Biotech world, there's another 50 losers.

    • By the way dude, I have lost all respect for you. A company that has several drugs in human clinical trials that sells for chump change tells me that when Ceplene is approved, The world will soon realize that they have many irons in the fire. Their drug discovery platform is what the big pharmaceutical companies will pay a premium for because it really works. Apoptisis drugs are starting to get major notice. Take a look at ACEL, one of my other investments in biotech. HeeeHaaa

    • HeeeHaaa dude, oh where have you been. Have you not noticed that the stock market has been punished by the lavish life styles of the rich and famous mortgage industry. This is not an EPCT thing, this is a market thing.HeeeHaaa

      The last stock that I loaded the boat on. Does this company have a similar profile to EPCT. HeeeHaaa

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