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  • technocality technocality Mar 14, 2008 4:49 PM Flag

    Jack is full of, well you know what I mean

    For a guy that has a 400,000 a year salary, this guy is a major jerk. This company is struggling to stay alive and if he had any respect for the shareholders, he would have taken his salary in EPCT stock instead of cold hard cash if he really believed in the future of EPCT. This company has made major bad decisions about the placement of their stock and deals they made with other drug companies. MYGN is about to laugh their way to the bank over the deal they made with EPCT on the AZIXA front. That's ok, because I'm going to make a ton of money back on another company that was raped, but the deciding factor here is they have money in the bank and 4 other drugs in clinical trials. The symbol is KERX. Goodbye and hope that for the ones that stick around, EPCT works out for you.


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    • For a guy that has a 400,000 a year salary, this guy is a major jerk. ...This company has made major bad decisions ... >

      Hardly to believe that a company with so many advanced products played a game with only one risky cancer card. That's not the way of doing a serious business.

      The EPCT management appeared surprised by EMEA's Ceplene pre vote. That is - in this specific case - even understandable, since this vote can be considered as grossly negligent and a medically incorrect opinion. Therefore EPCT should also vigorously insist on a detailed clarification of the obviously opaque background or potential manipulation. The real victims in this sick game are not the shareholders, but those patients in a dead end with a need of a therapy but without any choice

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      • The problem is they obviously did not pay the right people on the approval board. Another problem with EPCT is that it is based in the US and these arogant europeans are jealous of the US and will do anything they can to hurt a US company unless it is putting money in their pockets. How else do you explain the negative opinion?

    • Thanks for the best wishes, lol.
      I'm not to happy with the current performance of the stock, the horrid untimelyness of news, and the issues!
      But,,, I will hang on to it, I'v been trading for long enough to see some positives in time (time I'm willing to hold this).
      Looks all rotten at the moment, but stocks have a funny way of creating unexpected suprises.


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