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  • hartjed hartjed Nov 24, 2008 10:18 AM Flag

    What's it gonna take for EPCT to see

    $1 again?

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    • reverse split!!!!

    • Just maybe people are beginning to realize that all stocks are worthless pieces of paper, period. Try cashing a stock certificate at the grocery store.. The market is a tool to steal, ask the retirees who listened to their "financial advisors"(to buy and hold). I do this for a living and am having one of my best years, just trading this crap(all stocks short and long)...and it all is. I get ahead, I ask for cash after I sell. All stocks have "stories" and all are lies. Figures lie and liars figure. The S&P has done NOTHING for ten years for those holders. gl..............

    • A decent deal with a partner to sell Ceplene.

    • The Partner Agreement. By that the economy will be ensured through the upfront payment. Until then, the course will remain in the hands of the daytraders. However, it is somewhat incredible that more people do not realize the enormous potential EpiCept has in a few years' time. I see this as a long-term investment. Think about it, we now soon has Ceplene against AML on the european market. In a year it´s possible that Ceplene also is available on the american and canadian market. And remember that the plans in that case is to sell Ceplene on their own hand.

      During next year they will also start-up three Phase III studies with Ceplene against three other Leukemia-indikations. The total potential for Ceplene against four indikations on both the european and american markets lands at a total of $1200 millions.

      And then we have Azixa, NP-1 and Lidopain BP. All three could very likely reach the markets in 2011. And finally, maybe the one with the largest potential of them all, EPC-2407 that could reach the markets in 2013.

      Buy today for 60 cents, and sell in five years and you have multiplied your money several times. Or keep, and enjoy the stock dividends that will come in the future. I'm gonna be one of those.

      Best regards!

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      • Pirenz: "However, it is somewhat incredible that more people do not realize the enormous potential EpiCept has in a few years' time"

        I thought about it too. It's probably because there are so many solid companies so cheap and most of those co's have also quite good potential in long term to get back or close to the levels they were before the credit crunch. So, investors just pick the stocks they have followed in previous years and they are familiar with, stocks that get better media coverage, etc. In short - why dig deeper to find our uncut diamond if there are cut diamonds with discount everywhere.

        Best regards

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