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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Feb 14, 2009 10:35 AM Flag

    Am I the only one who thinks its odd . . .

    There have been a lots of warrants in the market.What I see is that management is trying to less the burden from dilution (the strategic grip on the San Diego department). I imagine that there is a (news-) plan fram management. All this is a sign that they not are trying to dump and pump as some writs here.

    As I see it we have a 2+1 rocket here:
    1. The agreement on the european deal. 3-5 times todays share price on fundamentals. Please, have a look at the Genmab - Glaxo deal december -06. It's in the same realm as this one (diagnoses, potential in related diagnoses, number of patients e t c) (Se my text , source below)
    2. The FDA application. Some 3 times the money compaired to the european deal (because of selling by their own in the US)

    2,5 We have had very good results from the fas II on NP-1. "All the end points were met." The cream will challange gabapentin. That therapy has 42% of the actual pain market. It will also combine with others.

    We have had an approval of the drug in Europe and we are essentially waiting for that deal to materialize in the market. As I mentioned on a Swedish thread: the drilling is over the hole was a hit. Now let's get the oil into the pipelines.

    Why don't you follow the Swedish writing on the threads over there? Try press on "Börssnack", search for "Epicept" You may specify your time for your search.

    If you try to search for authors ("författarna") you may try my signature "Gruvgunnar" if you press that ticker there is a (long) text about Epicept. It is possible to translate in Google.

    Best regards from Sweden,

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