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  • johny_alm johny_alm Feb 14, 2009 5:45 PM Flag

    OPEN LETTER to EpiCept Managament

    The management of EpiCept Corporation is invited to cooperation regarding the web portal

    Please have a look at:

    And then please send a request to the management at this address, and ask them to reply to the open letter!

    We need a more open and trustful communication from the Corporation management!

    Never forget that WE are the owners of EpiCept!

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    • Johny_Alm: Saw that the last messages in the new shareholder website were only published in Swedish. Propose that some of your news are also published in english. We are also interested what the Swedish friends are saying.

    • Stockman,

      would you be interested in joining a consortium with the goal that you suggested?

      Please make contact via emil with me, have a look at the portal for my email address!

    • Desperate or not, we are here to change the world, haven´t you heard of that?

      And we will do that, in the corner of the world that we are engaged in.

    • Epicepto,

      please do not consider the web portal as a PRO-EpiCept portal.

      Even if it maybe for the moment looks as if it where a mousetrap for those who do not know...

      It is NOT!

      Please check in and give your opinion in the survey that have been posted an hour ago!

      We are serious and not "glorious", if the management of EpiCept needs a critical approach (and it really needs it maybe), then the portal could be a catalyst creating a powerful voice that the management has to listen to!

      Just my 2 cents!

    • Seems that this initiative have sparked a lot of debate and a lot of feelings and thougths about the EpiCept Management!


      Anyway, the management has not deiced (yet) to cummunicate with me as the source of the request.

      PLEASE help me and take the survey at:


      • 2 Replies to johny_alm
      • "Anyway, the management has not deiced (yet) to cummunicate with me as the source of the request".

        This mgmt never talks with its owners and investors who pay their salaries and boni.

        Before I came in (2 years ago) I've made DD on the technical assets, however could not get info that these were in the hands of a mgmt of incompetent talkers focused on self-service. Hereafter I had to learn that the word "result" is entirely outlandish for them.

        The fact that now a (good) shareholder web site has been created tells the story about the shareholder information policy of this mgmt. Their fuzzy "information" only serves to divert from failures and self-service actions. BTW: We do not talk here about awkward dumb boys but their breach of fiduciary duties.
        In sum the "EPCT formula" is: Positive value of the assets minus negative value of mgmt = total value 0. That simply means, if you eliminate the negative value of this mgmt the shareholder gain will be a +100%.

    • Excuse me for my hasty English in the last post. Maybe this will be worse:

      1. I hope the CEO is not the one designing the trials in the CO. My experience is that it is not right now.

      2. I do not have the full picture to evaluate the past. I do not see any problems today that forces me to have a view of that, given time is a scarcity. My own opinion about the NP-1 trials as they are described in the annual reports is that they seems OK. Different tests for several criterias along with recommendations from FDA. I presume the fas III on cancer pain also are testing how long the compunds stay in the blood, the problem arised by FDA that the CO have to straiten out.
      I have proposed that the cause for that they only got a 0.07 significanse in the test for "common nervpain" (name?) is that the group of patients have lose ends when the pain fades out. If you have a cronical pain like PHN then you notice when it dissapear. The significant difference to placebo will become more evident.

      The market for cancer and PHN is huge. In cancer pain there are no competitors.

      I have hard to see any contradictions about this? :-)

      3. Myriad and Epicept have a committe following Azixa. Of course are we not informed of everything.

      4. Azixa is in fas II and Myriads CEO have stated that the trial will transform direct over to a registration pivotal trail. FDA is pushing for that to happen, according to the webcast last fall. Azixa is the only therapy that have been crossing the blood barriare. The compound is 15 times more concentrated in the brain than in rest of the plasma in the body. Look at the presentations on Myriads homepage.

      5. "2407 is lightyears away from any value."
      2004 this VDA was noticed to completly wipe out the tumors together with another existing medicine in the market. As a VDA it really was something special the report stated.
      In Sweden there are (small) Cos that have farmed out early stages of patents for lots of money. Our patent is still undiluted.

      6. "Do you really think in current EPCT and market situation - EPCT
      gets 30% and upfronts etc ? Why ?"

      Look at the Genmab - Glaxo deal. I think that deal is a complicated mixture of cash - controllpost - royalty and later milstones - given future hits(some of these trails are in problems). The total deal was som 2.1 billion USD. 25% was the royalty.
      How confident are you in the future success? How much cash are you forced to show to crying shorters among the shareholders? Is it possible for you to translate my writing on There is quite a lot about this there.

      The big Ph will not produce only distribute the drug. The demand is easy to allocate geografically.

      7. "And do you think its a normal process that an undervalued company with
      a market approved cancer product has a 50c share with daily falling ?"

      No. That's why I have invested in the CO.

      I like the product and I do not fear the management to that degree that you do.
      My investment is big for me. It has been a success so far.

      I mentioned Hellstrand, as the man of honnor he seems to be - I take the back of him. The day I find that management perhaps not perform the way I like, I have to studie the past of yours. But before that I've used my feets and leave.

      Instead of leaving I am still buying. The day before yesterday, par example. That is of course a decision completly of my own. Noway, that I ever will see myself as a victime.

      Not after writing this anyway. ;-)

      Best regards and thanx for you concrete and correct attitude,


    • Please look at my text, so we that we might have a dialogue.

      I give you another point (to the others above):
      Hellstran said in an interview that the Co gave him the best statisticians for the application process. Jack and the rest of the management did what Maxim could not.

      That have added temendous value to the Co. Will see what will come out of the upcoming 3 fas III studies versus the other diagnose for Ceplene.
      NP-1, Azixa and Epc 2407 goes our way.

      I do not assume that a CEO for a research CO a priori is the best for a cash flow dito. Only time will tell. He has right now made many wise decisions ( for example San Diego - the new PP)
      If Hellstrand will do another race with the Co I find that more interesting than your anger. Do you find that an odd standpoint?

      No matter the pre-history case of yours, I'll hope you will be more successful in the future.

      Best regards,

    • Hope you visit Greece sometimes.

      Why not read Herakleitos on the airplane? (If you invest in a stock and the context changes, is it the same stock? ...The river, the man walking down,up and down again ..-and all that jazz...)


    • I support this effort 100%.

      I agree that there is something amiss in the delay of a Ceplene deal. The clock to begin working out a partnership should have started way back in July once the positive opinion was granted. That should have started the solicitation for interested parties to begin their due diligence. That was seven months ago. And its been four months since the actual approval. Due diligence in full buyouts of major companies average four months including term negotiations and conclusion. This is a relatively simple agreement for distribution of a small approved drug, it should have been sealed within 2-3 months max of approval. People perhaps blame the current market conditions, but I say just the opposite - current market conditions should drive the process to a speedier conclusion at even more desirable terms, given the hunger and need by big pharma for new drugs and revenue streams.

      I can think of several reasons why there is such a delay, but none of them are good or acceptable.

      Every day that the drug's marketing is delayed is a day later that patients don't get a supposedly advantageous treatment, its a day's lost revenue, and its another day delay for investors big and small alike who have shouldered the enormous risk in supporting this enterprise who don't receive their just reward.

      In short, a responsible and diligent management team should have completed the deal by now. If nothing by March one, I will be forced to reduce my holdings by half. The reason being is that if we go into month five post approval, the risk reward ratio will begin to shift unfavorably.

    • I also have had some suggestions in my mail to the management about the information policy.

      You have the fully right to write what ever you want in the form you find proper. You may see your self as a paper / homepage or what ever on the net. It is of course possible that management might let you have an interview.

      As a sharholder in Epicept I can also see an entity that has no democratic base in your site.

      So please, send your request direct to the management, but do not use the form of an open letter. That is to bjuda in med armbågen, as we say in Swedish.

      Let's all hope for a transparant process concerning the FDA application. That's what it all melts down to. Let us also recognize the efforts that management perform, although we do not see it all in public.

      My strategic choise to invest in Epicept is based on fundamentals: Primary the european approval, now the bonus of the results from NP-1 (which was not my primary intention when I invested) and - of course the application process for Ceplene in the US. My opinion about "rest"-Epicept (Azixa, Epc 2407 e t c)is hesitating, not because of it's fundamental possibilities, but from my conservative way of investing:

      I do invest in Epicept because of the European approval and the coming value that this will give the company when it materializes the coming month. I also see that "rest"-Epicept is not given any value today. Surely this will be another story after the deal about Europe is public.

      I have stated it on the Swedish thread, and I say it here again: The best judgement for the management is if the patent father to Ceplene, Kristoffer Hellstrand, is prepaired to do a new journey together with the management concerning a new affair. Hellstrand, if anybody, have insight we do not have. Take that as an indication as anyone. If it suddenly pops up.

      Med vänliga hälsningar,

      • 2 Replies to larshansson18
      • <"My strategic choise to invest in Epicept is based on fundamentals... I also see that "rest"-Epicept is not given any value today".>

        What about EPCT's original pain products? ENDP's generic pain patch Lidoderm® (ENDP is the Lidopain® licensee) makes $700 million p.a. in the US market for PHN & off label use. Also DRRX is a Licensee of that patent. No value?
        What about the ASAP technology platform. No value?
        Time to learn a little bit on "fundamentals"

        <"Let us also recognize the efforts that management perform, although we do not see it all in public">.
        The only simple reason that shareholders do not see any public "performance information" is that the EPCT mgmt boys have no performance.

      • Hi (hej), Gruvgunnar!

        Nice to have a direct communication with you, I would as well love to have a chatt with you if you could think of sending me an email

        I am sorry that there is no way to communicate at the web site twoway-direction yet.

        It is a matter of time, and I think there will be a "comment" possibility later this week. It's a one man show so far, and I hope to get som help from other people.

        But as I said, Gruvgunnar, I have the greatest respect for your analytical writing about EpiCept and would be very pleased to have a way of direct communication with you.

        There are some information that I do not want to publish that maybe could be of interest for you.

        All the best,

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