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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Feb 20, 2009 5:57 AM Flag

    Is it in may the voting is?

    I have understood that most of the readers are Swedes. Please excuse me for this posting. Use the translation in Google, please.

    Jag förstår av er engelska att ni båda är svenskar. Vill ni presentera vad som är problemet?

    Var det fel att genomföra den senaste emissionen? Det kan man rimligen bara svara ja på om man vet vilka detaljerna var i de olika förhandlingsförslag som förelåg.
    Rätt eller fel?

    Har man uppfattningen att VD har bolaget som egen födkrok och att han,därför (sic!) gynnas av
    1. låg kurs
    2. dåliga avtal
    för att inte rubbas ur sitt bo, kanske har man då hamnat i en något extrem ståndpunkt.

    Jag ser att den, eventuella, interna debatt som kan finnas rörande olika avtalsförslag har fått ett bra avstamp i att företagsledningen deklarerat att försäljningen skall igång till halvårsskiftet. Jag tolkar det som en ram för slutbud i förhandlingarna med resp företag.

    Skulle bolaget istället tvingas driva fram egen försäljning är vi alla vinnare. Vi sitter med ett antal outspädda patent och ett företag som kan, om det behövs av pedagogiska skäl så att var och en skall förstå, göra en omvänd split på en på 1000 eller vad ni vill...

    På det ena eller andra sättet kommer vi efterhand att finansiera de olika fas III studierna för Ceplene under 2009 (Asap, Azixa, NP-1). Det viktiga nu är att putta in alla resurser på ett godkännande i USA.

    Ska vi göra en omvänd splitt på 100 000? Då kan vi ju träffas och spela kort om det hela :-).

    Framtiden ligger för oss. Det är bara extra adrenalin när en del behöver pengar snabbare än oss andra.

    Så lugn, alternativet egen försäljning ger golvet i förhandlingen, resten är val av omfattning och framtida inriktning: Fördjupat samarbete eller solokörning.


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    • Here is the translation in Googlish:


      I understand your English that you both are Swedes. Do you want to present
      what is the problem?

      Was it wrong to implement the latest issue? It can be reasonably
      only answer yes if you know what the details were in the various
      negotiating proposals that were.
      Right or wrong?

      Has the perception that the CEO, the company that own and that MEANS OF LIVELIHOOD
      he, therefore (sic!) benefit from
      1. low rate
      2. poor agreement
      that can not move out of its nest, may have then fallen into a somewhat
      extreme position.

      I see it, if any, internal debate that may exist on different
      draft agreement has been well off in that management
      declared that the sale will start at mid-year. I understand
      it as a framework for slutbud in negotiations with the respective companies.

      Would the company rather than be forced to produce their own sales, we are all
      winner. We are sitting with a number of raw patent and a company
      can, if needed, educating the public so that every one should understand,
      do a reverse split at a 1000 or whatever you want ...

      In one way or the other, we will post to finance the
      different phase III trials for Ceplene in 2009 (ASAP, Azixa, NP-1). The
      important thing now is putting all resources on the approval in the U.S..

      Shall we do a reverse split of 100, 000? Then we can meet and play
      short of it all :-).

      The future is for us. It is just extra adrenaline when a part needs
      money faster than us.

      So quiet, the option itself gives the floor of the hearing,
      the rest is the choice of scale and future direction: Enhancement of cooperation
      or solo driving.



      It's charming and comforting that computers are still pretty stupid.

      • 1 Reply to smithofborneo
      • The latest PP secured that the FDA application process may proceed without any problems.

        The problem concerning dilution in the CO is not the 35% we got, but if the negotiation gives us a weak combined european / american deal. Diluted. (Remember a royalty of 25 % of the patent equals 400% dilution of the stock. 15 % equals some 700%). So if the management in the negotiation DO NOT HAVE TO take what ever they are bidden for a single european deal, if they do not also accept a combined US deal in the package - if this is the situation the PP is a very smart move.

        It is per definition very hard to argue versus this standpoint though we do not have the knowledge about the details in the negotiations. The PP prevented a weak combined deal.

        I hope Jack Talley navigates for a undiluted US application. My hope concerning the European negotiations is that he uses the basic floor that selling Ceplene on their own on the European market constitutes.

        Diluting the patent is a irreversabel move, diluting the stock is not. Epicept have a unique undiluted patent portefolio: NP-1 (cancer), three blood diagnoses in fas III in upcoming trials versus Ceplene, the approve drug in Europe and the undiluted application for Ceplene in US and Canada. Epc 2407. We will / are diluted on Azixa, NP-1 and other pain therapies.

        This is a very strong package, given todays S/P.

        Regarding the latest PP, it’s hard to understand in detail all the mathematics, but evidently the price seemed realistic at the levels the stock has been trading. Capital is expensive these days. From shareholders perspective the price seems to be some 0.9 USD. That's the money we get for the amount of new shares we issues. As mentioned above the dilution in the stock should always be compaired to the dilution in the patents. Income from a “better” combined european/US deal or a “better” single european deal should be related to the price of having free hands in the negotiation process. And, of course, to a undiluted FDA-application.

        Best regards, (and sorry for my broken English)


    • Ah yes, exactly what he/she said. And I am sure the German Posters would say that the management "SlobbinszKnobbins". Hmmmm, wonder what the rest of world would say? Perhaps the famous Japanesse poster, aka Hung Low, would say that management "Sookie"?

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