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  • jonaustin1481 jonaustin1481 May 28, 2009 5:05 PM Flag

    A few words of caution:

    I don't want to pee in the punch bowl here, but I want to offer some cautionary reminders:

    1 - This runup is identical to one that occurred in early Feb as a result of NP1 phase II data and ceplene partner expectations.

    2 - It also mirrors runups that occurred in Oct and late Dec of last year and a few smaller ones at various times.

    Contrary to our resident chart technician's prognostications, it is exactly the same: Release of data, etc combined with expectations of a partner deal. Those expectations coincide with particular points in time, EG - EOQ, a Talley statement made during a CC, and oh, don't forget that EPCT paid-for "analysis" report.

    So, I would keep one's wits about them, because history has shown that the Greed and Dilution Squad will disappoint again and again.

    I own shares and of course want a positive result as much as anyone, but I know the history of deflated expectations.

    And again, assuming they actually conclude something positive, they will award themselves huge bonuses and quickly double the share count.

    So outside a full buyout, I don't see any news moving this thing to $3. MAYBE $2, but it will be very fleeting.

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    • >”.. the Greed and Dilution Squad will disappoint again and again .. they will award themselves huge bonuses and quickly double the share count”< >” has to understand the psychology behind them”<

      Exactly. Advantages: Based on their ultra-dilutions and bonus games these mgmt boys feel now untouchable by stockholders. But they have no clue how their manipulations can be profiled and predicted, They are also too stupid for detecting their “small” mistakes they’ve made.

    • well put there pumping this to dilute i agree not enough volume to justify 13% increase just alot late comers biting dilution for sure i even think they are thinking of selling ceplene them self no partner just joking there to stupid

    • Funny, there have been a few posters who mentioned that this stock may go up to $6 or $8 to $15 maybe $20 per share.

      While that would be wonderful, wouldn't this co. be bought out long before then?

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      • I see those kinds of wild numbers thrown around all the time, mostly on other boards, but one has to understand the psychology behind them.

        Its called investing by "wishful thinking," and there is no surer way for people to get separated from their money. Rather than invest based on an objective and dispassionate analysis, they buy and hold based on what they WANT to happen. And what they WANT is usually some price value that's a number back calculated to provide a certain dollar return to them.

        It's internalized investment decision making as opposed to externalized rationale. Maybe it doesn't make much sense, but it is an entirely different mindset.

        In summary, I recommend "hold" for now, only if you can afford another letdown, and can trade nimbly and dispassionately, and have your exit strategy criteria firmly in place.

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