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  • epicepto epicepto Jun 16, 2009 3:12 PM Flag

    Jumped at 7.70 SEK


    I dont see much reason to speculate about higher marketcap in Epct. The named patient program will not generate much funds to Epct financials. Most of potential earnings will disapear in time and logistics. It will not be an easy way to hook new direct money to Epct but more so be another way for Savage and Talley to promote new incitaments with issuing new warrants. Btw I was disgusted to see Savage in Sthlm A.M when he made food jokes from Hellstrand leukemia research. His aperance came off as a grease bag filled with hot air and smoked ham. I would not trust that fat fella with any of my saved candy! Talley came off as a sneaky snake hidding in the grass, though he most have been trained by a logopedic when his stuttering seemed to have died off, or maybe he took some sedatives/beta blockers before hitting the stage. Anyway I capitalized from the hype created from the swedish lemmels who now will be holding a much heavier bag than before. I bet Savage/Talley did a trade off again with MLI making them buy up the marketcap, though its an illusion soon to collapse. Watch the marketcap go down again when Epct aint close to count marketcap in 100 million dollar. Dillution will hit hard again, what else can there be without any partner. Savage and Talley did a great show and used every trick in the book, just dont forgett it aint for real but just for show. Glitter in your eyes is money in their purse, and they know it!


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    • Epicept is classified as an orhan drug in EU.

      The Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products, passed by the European Council, provides incentives for the development of orphan drugs (and other medical products for rare disorders) in the EU, including:

      Waivers of fees relating to the marketing approval process

      A guaranteed 10-year monopoly on drug sales for the first company to obtain EMEA marketing approval of a drug. This applies only to the approved use of the drug.

      Community marketing authorization – a centralized procedure of marketing authorization which extends to all the member states of the EU

      Protocol assistance, meaning the provision of scientific advice to drug companies about the various tests and clinical trials necessary for a drug being developed.

      The Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products has had the same beneficial effect in the EU that the Orphan Drug Act had in the U.S., greatly increasing the development and marketing of orphan drugs for rare disorders."

    • Fried chicken, you kiddin' me right?

      You think the reason they havnt bought is that the whole entire previous dang near two years has been blacked out?!

      That's basically the same crap Savage said at the SH meet!

      Would you like for me to dig up the SEC regs on blackout periods?

      In general (real rough here), insiders cannot trade in anticipation of a material event once in possession of the inside information or a proscribed period until after the information becomes public.

      There have been no material events sufficient that if you strung them all together they black out an entire year and a half!

      And "we're working on a partnership" in and of itself is not material, since its public knowledge. Companies are always working on deals. They couldn't trade in anticipation of that knowledge only at such time THEY know a deal is done.

      So, sorry, that doesnt hold water.

    • No, I would be suspicious if there was a lot of insider activity, buy or sell, they should be experiencing significant black-out periods dating back to their first meetings with the EMEA. That would be a giant red flag, at least for stock-watch.

    • I also think that that number includes hold backs for unvested options, which again, don't come from their pockets but shareholders.

      You don't find it odd that the PPS traded between 0.50-0.75 for a FULL year and a half, but management bought ZERO shares during that time?

      Talk about giant red flag!

    • That 21% INCLUDES any 5+% holders, thus if you look at actual insider ownership, its practically nothing:

      A quick check shows Talley with 115,000 and Savage with like 35,000.

      Do you have different numbers? Please correct me if I am in error.

    • well said, this fat Savage is a slimy wind bag and the driving force behind all the attempts to deceive stockholders with fraudulent self-enrichment games and dilution.

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      • More venting, I don't see anything of substance here...

        It's funny to me how everyone criticizes the dilutions, the company wouldn't have had money to get ceplene through the EMEA without the dilutions, it's like some shareholders would prefer 100 more deals with Hurcules than to dilute. I understand the people that have been hurt recently by the falling price of the stock, I am one of those people....but this management got Ceplene approved, that's huge, we could double the shares o/s at this point, and "IF" the partner/commercialization comes through, the stock still has huge potential.

        IDIS revenue will not be significant, but it is possible for very few patients to cover their operating expenses.

        I'm telling the Board and everyone now, you should not be surprised to see an additional authorization of shares (every pharma needs reserves), and you should probably expect another dilution at some point. Hopefully this will come after a partner is announced/commercialization, or otherwise. The company right now needs to trade over $1 a share for a number of consecutive days to keep their listing - Management owns a ton of shares of this stock, the agency risk right now is heavily tilted in the shareholders failure, management doesn't want to dilute this stock any more than the shareholders.

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