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  • pirenz pirenz Jun 27, 2009 3:30 PM Flag

    The truth about Jack Talleys salary

    Many writers on this board refers to numbers that have very little to do with the reality regarding Jack Talleys salary. The truth, that can be found on a numerous number of sites, is that Jacks yearly salary is $435000. Do you think that's much for a CEO?

    In the year 2007 (the latest year that's recorded on the Internet) he also got $200000 in bonus. That makes a total salary of $635000 for Jack during 2007. Beyond this he also got options during 2007, but it's totally wrong to count this as salary as Jack has to PAY to exercise the options and as he has to BUY the stocks with his own money, you just can't add the value of the exercised options to his salary.

    $435000 is Jacks yearly salary, and I think that's quite normal for a CEO in a company like EpiCept.

    (check for example regarding the TRUTH about Jacks salary)

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    • They do not have a pharmaceutical development but have a guy Bhagwat as VP pharmaceutical development.

      They are very generous with our money and pay this boy a salary of US$ 400,000, plus options, awards and so forth. So next dilution.

    • I think I will take my grass cutting business public.

    • ONLY 20 EMPLOYEES IN THIS COMPANY I think the shareholders are suckers. when the market turns this will drop like a rock to the bottom of the ocean

    • Nice post pirenz...

      Many people convenietnly like to add stock options etc to a CEO's pay, however, most people commenting on here in regards to Talley's salary, are clearly not compensation experts. They should begin their research with APB 25, to gen an understanding of the intrinsic value method which is no longer used, and then go into SFAS 123, to learn about recording compensation expense as they relate to options - Black Schole method is one such way. If people are going to complain about the salary, it would be nice if someone actually knew what they were talking about.

    • the Talley cash minimum pa salary is$ 697,654.00 cash - plus -plus -plus, and including his cheap share options below market price far beyond 1 mill cash. period. Compared to similar companies that is for a no-revenue-and-no-result-CEO more than only huge, and compared to the Sanofi example as mentioned by stockman in fact a sick joke only.
      BTW: the salary of the other incompetent clowns here is scandalous. All that sucks by far more than 50% of the so-called “income” through dilutions.

      I have no problem if a CEO makes 10 millions or more with decent work and visible results. But I have more than a problem if a CEO and his loser crew create their cash-in with hot air promises only and are burning my money with enduring dilutions.

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