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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Jul 3, 2009 4:07 PM Flag

    EPCT Mgmt - Adjournment meeting

    Just put it in one sentense: What is the illegal action been taken? After that sentense, please refere to the law text that is relevant.

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    • said in my last posting :
      I predict their paid posters will start now attempts to confuse facts, opinions and lies in order to prevent an investigation of these events.

      as predicte here is the first respectively well kwown poster mr.lars

      should also add to my above text: ..also to ask already elsewhere answered questions ... and also in order to prevent prosecution

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      • topaz, I respect you for not been reflexibly "anti-Epicept", what ever question comes up on the table. You got a point in your approach: Even if the investor are, or not are, a shorter there must be some intellectual honor to be found down in the basement. Somewhere. You show us that. Acctually your remarks on the hostile writing of Jonaustin is of importance.

        Some others doesn't bother.

        Writing that: It is hard for me to accept the role you are trying to give me, as some kind of parrot for the management.

        I think our previous discussion was on dillution. My point was:

        - There was under -08 a historical given context after the first NO of EMEA that forced management to make a dillution.
        - If or not the later dillutions was correct or not is not possible for me (or you?) to judge though I do not have the picture from the negotiations. In this I have to trust those who have that insight. Do I have a limit where this trust may end up? Of course, it's my money, my investment, I have in mind here.

        - Without refering to math in general, my specific point is that the a c c t u a l dilutions that I have been through seems to strengthen the investment I have done given the alternative is an agreement of the proposed 15% (Jonaustin). I do not know the possible best agreement (see above), but I find that the alternative cost if Epicept perform there own sales in the European market is 2000 treatments/annum sold for a net income of SEK 300 million (25-30% deal). That I think is possible. That is my reference.

        This is a summary of my writing on this thread. I hope you can follow my points here.

        I do not think that makes me the man on the pay roll list or what ever. Please stop that nonsens.

        My question about what was the acctual illegal action, why is that seen as trying not to clarify, but confuse?

        The votes in Sthlm, isn't there a plausible reason: the 7 million votes plus the (later) majority votes was under the total required 50%? The votes for, against and abstained must be over 50% of 118 million votes?

        I understood that we are in this play with different timing, but you have to respect those of us having that perspective on our investment here. Acctually I have got several mails from investors that are very content about the outcome of the annual meeting. Let's see if that will be reflected in share price. :-)

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