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  • jonaustin1481 jonaustin1481 Sep 3, 2009 4:41 PM Flag

    Next Prediction:

    One of two things will occur, probably very soon:

    A - Fresh dilution with no significant partnership news.


    B - A partnership on hugely disappointing terms. But, nonetheless, it will be heralded as a grand achievement and be used as grounds for fat bonuses and dilution.

    With the fake news and rabid pumping machine running at full throttle, its kinda obvious to see it coming. My guess is its weeks away, mid-Oct at the latest.

    Come on, old-timers, put away your ruby slippers, you know we've seen this before.

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    • One of two things will occur, probably very soon:

      A - Massive partnership with $20-$30 million in upfront and $100 million inn milestones.


      B - Positive phase II Azixa news accompanies by a 5-bagger DNDN, HGSI, HEB, CTIC like move.

      With the EMEA news and rabid speculative buying running at full throttle, its kinda obvious to see it coming. My guess is its days away, early-Sept at the latest.

      Come on, old-timers, get excited our ship is about to come in.

    • Jon

      That statement is disclosed in every small cap bio without revenue, come on, you know better....must have been getting bored there.

    • Hooray for your articulate command of language; however, you basically didn't predict anything....essentially you said:

      I predict that they will either have a partner, or they will not have a partner....

      Much more poetically of course, and supplemnted the prediction with more qualitative substance....Jon, I like your factual posts though they were negative about the science behind epct, but the crystal ball stuff, as well written as it is, well, it's entertaining, I see you get a big response. Are you an attorney by chance? If so, and I ever get in trouble, I'm calling you!

      • 1 Reply to kentuckyfried99
      • "They have about a quarters cash roughly, perhaps a tad more, hardly a pile."

        The burnrate per month is expected to be some 1.7-1.8 million/month. What is the problem with your math? Isn't that enough for 2010 2Q?

        ADD to that the fact that Ceplene will sell up to that time.

        You have the nerv to stick out here without any selfcriticism: You who have stated that Ceplene not have the efficacy enough for a deal good deal. Have you read the latest news release with the judgement from the european authorities, EMEA?

        This signiture, Junastin, have earlier recommended a deal at royalty rate of 15%! After that I named him "the surrender".

        Is it less than those 15% you "predict" now? :-)

    • Don't worry, I knew what you meant.

    • HA!

      I meant " You CAN'T trust anything they say."

      That's what happens when one was does their evening stock stuff with wine in hand.

    • Thanks for bringing this topic up.

      Its been very illustrative of the management's typical tactics. It parallels EXACTLY their historical smoke-blowing on the status of the partnership discussions.

      "end of Q3 2008", "EOY 2008" "early 2009" etc etc etc. Don't believe me? Listen to the last 5 qtrs or so of conf calls and presentations.

      Really you can trust anything they say.

      So I hope its also served as an example of why investors shouldn't swallow anything corporate execs throw out there, especially in the micro bio space.

    • Good point, then they must be reducing cash burn during 2H2009 to make the $$ last until 4/1/09. Next quarters results will give us better visability. In any event, the receipt of
      any addt. (ie. non existing) cash would be gravy at this point (it could remove the going concern).

      I think we would both agree that the company has a lot of potential events coming up in the next 3-4 months that will attract a lot of attention...Never in the companies history as so many material events been lined up so close together (ie 3-4 months):

      * European Partnership - Ceplene
      * Canadian NDS - Ceplene
      * US FDA NDA - Ceplene
      * NP1 Clinical Trial Results
      * Azixa Results

    • Again, you can't issue guidance based on such assumptions.

      Contrary to your point, they CANNNOT be making such assumptions anyway. Read the statement literally, that YOU posted verbatim!

      "EXISTING cash and cash equivalents . . . "

      Their CYA statement is in the "SHOULD BE sufficient", thats the kicker, they can issue BS, and say, "well, at the time, we THOUGHT it would last . . ."

      Again, anyway you cut it, another case of smoke and mirrors.

    • They are closer to potential milestones, revenue streams and partnerships now than compared to the past.

      So using 'past' history as a guide may not be appropriate here.

    • or other income source not substantiated by past history, I should have said.

      IOW - A company cannot issue a rosy guidance projecting the viability of their funding X qtrs out that assumes a one off income source that isn't certain.

      Their projecting cash sufficient into Q2 2010 is spurious at best, and possible outright misrepresentation at worst.

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