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  • stockman58a stockman58a Sep 22, 2009 7:18 AM Flag

    Jack "amateur" Talley

    Over a year has passed - EPCT sitting on an approved product and really promising products like NP-1 and Azixa
    also to generate revenue.

    So what has Jack "no brain" Talley accomplished ?
    Not much.
    Nobody has a clue about any Ceplene sales.
    Why was Talley not prepared for possible
    partnership delays and initialized an IDIS deal earlier ?
    Jack Talley only result: Another hugh dilution.
    Why does Myriad never mentioned a single word,
    that Azixa is an EPCT licensed product.

    Today we are exactly where we were last year - with more shares outstanding...

    All are very nervous, because nobody trusts in
    the EPCT loser management.

    No doubt EPCT is undervalued, but regarding the Talley loser - the risk for another failure is higher than
    an upcoming partnership. Thats why we are at 85c/share.

    With Jack "loser" Talley we probably will have the same
    discussion next year.

    Again: A great pipeline and an approved product is nothing with a loser management !

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    • i hate these guys the always hold out on news hopefully tonight 9.01

    • im just not lucky but i feel canada coming through come you hosers

    • Good job stockman! Anyone putting there money here deserves what they get from management! I guess you just can't help those who can't help themselves!

    • It's simple. Loser Jack has put EPCT in such a weak financial position to where MYGN and any other big pharma can just let Jack swing in the wind until he dilutes his survival away. Big pharma will then pick up the pieces for pennies and the shareholders will get squat! Even a simpleton like me can see this. How about the rest of you losers!

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      • Conclusion?

        We will have you here for another year? Ever heard of "Selling"?

        We have been over this for a year now. You have hade share price over 1.2 and still you are here?

        The pipeline is the work of this management.

        The upcoming agreement is also the effort of this management.

        If you do not trust them. Sell and quit.

        Some information: On a mail answer Cook says that the 45 day limit is not a definit one. He expects no problem going forward in Canada.

        A source with it's limitations:

        "Från VCW, Bulgo Röster: 0 090922 08:40 #1712353
        Fick svar fran Robert Cook ang den uteblivna partnern:(Transl. "Got a answer from Robert Cook concerning the partner that failed to appear")
        Datum: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 17:05:46

        "There was no fundamental disagreement about the sales potential; their management initally felt the potential was adequate for them, but their senior management disagreed, feeling the sales potential wasn’t large enough".

        Bob Cook
        EpiCept Corporation

        Ang artikeln att (Transl, appr:"About the article , the Street":
        "but the deal broke down because upper management at the partner company felt like Ceplene was not a big enough commercial opportunity to make economic sense for them".

        Innan har Jack sagt (Transl. "Before Jack have stated"):
        "But I can assure you that there had been any fundamental flaw in the business proposal represented Ceplene. The had nothing to do with a restriction in the brand, it had not to do with reinsurance possibility of drug (reimbursability) or the ability to generate what expected to be meaningful commercial sale". "
        Signature Rikkar, Avanza board

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