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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Sep 22, 2009 1:54 PM Flag

    Jack "amateur" Talley

    + Who bought Maxim?
    + Who have got an approved medicine for another diagnosis for Ceplene? Do you think having an approval is a tea-party?

    + Who have raised the value of NP-1 and Crinobulin?

    This management have the right network for the applications and the trials that I have the experience from under my time as a shareholder.

    Finally this management is not a surrender gang filling their own pockets using the options that gives them shares in the CO WHEN finalizing an european agreement. Diluting the substance in a CO by eg. recieving 10% part left corresponds to a dilution in the stock of some 1000%. 15% appr. 700%, and so forth.

    The board have been strengthend by Mr Smith, a leader in the oncology business. I trust his judgement more than yours, if you excuse me.

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    • 1. bullshit - they merged (not bought) with Maxim to get NASDAQ listed.
      Management failed first IPO try !

      2. bullshit - they failed first EMEA approval.
      Only due to Mr Hellstrand they got approved second attempt.

      3. bullshit - they did not raise value. They just have the luck
      to sit on great patents like NP-1 which was already long before
      Jack "loser" Talley.

      4. bullshit - they got options for approval and Mr Hellstarnd got
      1 mio $

      5. bullshit - the management has no standing and no connections at all

      They destroyed SP and BP. Endo is making several 100 mios with off label a year. EPCT has possible outstanding milestones (over 100 mio) from ENDO and they just rejected this product !!! another genius strike form Talley clown

      But I am sure Talley got some $$$ form ENDO forgetting to
      advance BP....

      6. agree - Mr Smith is the only positive event - and I strongly
      suggest to nominate Mr Smith as CEO !!!
      He is probably the only real player in the EPCT riff-raff.

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