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  • waveno1 waveno1 Oct 9, 2009 10:49 PM Flag

    someone tells me

    what's wrong with this stock?

    mgmt did get the drug approved, right? So they are not toally useless, with so much potential and possible news why no body cares?

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    • I would like them to consider allowing Ceplene to be partnered in the USA as well as Europe. It seems that it would be more interesting to a potential partner with the resources to advance Ceplene worldwide.
      An NDA could have been expedited with someone having the Capital to advance Ceplene.

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      • The NDA for USA is not an economical problem.

        If you ask me, why not sell of our own in both Europe and the US?

        The sails force is 15-20 at each site. Concentrating on the big 5 in Europe is 75% of the patient population.

        An orphan drug will partly compensate the loss in sell potential through Epicepts own channels. One way is just initially hiring an external firm while you build your own channels.

        Of course it is a matter of losing time, but having some extra, non diluted, money in. Also the initial delay shortens the 10 year of exclusivity and no competition in the EU.

        The coin has two sides.

        Waiting for Godot.

    • "...with so much potential and possible news why no body cares?"

      Share price is not volatile, but creaping up slowly last month. In Sweden many people seems to "care", some from beside, others on the train. As always. :-)Epicept has one of the most active boards in Sweden, competing just with Ericsson. Saying this as a messure of intensity, nothing else. It is possible to invest a few million SEK because of the traded volume in Stockholm. I see no problem compaired to other junior stocks in Stockholm. That is important.

      As everybody else states: News, not potential news, will move us further. The decision to make is if it is worth to miss the initial rise instead of, perhaps, gain in other stocks.

      I've made my decision, given me a 50% gain under my first year with Epicept. The chance of getting at least the double outcome for the second year seems, as I see it, very good. It is harvest time this year.

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