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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Oct 27, 2009 5:25 AM Flag

    Share Price

    I am open with my business plan here. I have got quite a big investment here. Some million SEK. I Do not have to admit mistakes, wich of course is possible in any prediction. I sell. Up to this date I have been some 40-50% plus. Out there there are many investors having a lot more. Maybe I have the best run left, I do not think they have, seen as a general view. Maybe, so. Of course it would have been better having, all, in a reconstructed mining deal during this time. I had that as an active intention. Not active enough though... I have to leave the gosts of yesterday behind and try to be content with the 40-50%. I am not a daytrader, that's for sure.

    I hope you have a businessplan at all, waveno1. Even if you do not share the plan with us.

    Let's be accurate. My source estimate first sales of Ceplene to gross 1 billion - SEK - in twelve month after commercial launch.

    Pathfinder. Send prof. Hellstrand a mail or give him a call and find out if he is an amateur judging managements in bio. :-)He has some 20 years of experience from working close to different managements AND performing his research. In an interview he states that he have had all the external support that he needed as a scientiest. The interview was done before the positive opinion from EMEA in a leading business weekly in Sweden, search for Hellstrand.

    Acctually my goal of gaining 2-3 agreements seems resonable to me. The cash-flow valuation as well. Management is working to enhance the value of the substance and at the same time negotiating the agreements. the statements from EMEA about Ceplene and now the release about net gain effect economically if Ceplene is used to treat AML patients makes me quite safe in my investment.

    In a few weeks I hope to have recieved some further capital for some more Epicept. My own business seems to lag as well... :-)

    Did we agree upon the statement that Ceplene is an orphan drug with excellent efficacy? For some reasonable investors the current share price is not a problem but a challenge.

    An approved cancer drug with high efficacy and 10 years of no competition. Am I the one to be pushed against the wall here? :-)

    I give this aswell, unusuall for this kind of threads:
    A big Ph have interupted their phase II in neuropatic pain. No efficacy. First I thought that this was given to me after releases. But that does not seem to be the case, after a short look in the acctual CO's news box. ... Draw your own conclusions.

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