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  • jonaustin1481 jonaustin1481 Jan 26, 2010 12:59 AM Flag

    Fake News Precedes Dilution

    Swedish AML Guidelines? Really?

    Another prediction comes to fruition.

    Expect dilution within weeks, the PPS is already sliding, and time is of the essence.

    still batting 1000 on this one . . .

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    • Bingo! Once again, just as I predicted:

      Dilution Announced Feb 5

      This is getting TOO easy . ..

    • What seems puzzling to me is that in the face of good news about Ceplene (and even the NP-1 news today), why isn't EPCT higher than its current share price?

      Are the MMs holding it back, or does the market feel that any future Ceplene/NP-1 revenues are too miniscule or too far off to justify an increase?

      I thought for sure that when Ceplene was approved, it would break $1 and negate the need for a reverse split.

      The fact that didn't happen concerns me a little.

      I guess Azixa is clearly the game changer for this stock.


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      • As I said sometime back, azixa in brain cancer is the one prospect that could potentially turn things around and is the ONLY thing I see in their pipe worth watching out for.

        But I place odds of a resounding success at 1 in 4.

        And back on the NP1 topic - someone here posted an interview excerpt from Talley touting the great promise of NP1. His statements are utter nonsense and smack of the exact types of statements he made about ceplene, no difference whatsoever.

        Its all a merry go round, folks, and the fuel for that ride is the short memories of investors.

    • np1 is making big pharma druel .it gonna fly with new partner no for dilution and azixa news any day it will fly so does the big want bargin now before its in 15 teens or now

    • jon i think u r wrong on this one. care to make a bet? will use escrow. friendly wager thats all.

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      • No thanks, not my kind of wager to make, plus I am already right.

        Well over a year ago I discussed NP1 at length and one of my predictions was that there would be no significant partnership. Simply because the patient population is small enough to earn it an orphan designation doesn't change that. Its a crowded field, lots of competition, lots of further advanced drugs and platforms that can easily address this need, not to mention generics.

        This drug and its data have been around a long long time, if there was significant interest, it would have snapped up long ago.

        Sure it may find a partner, but like ceplene, it wont be a game changer for this company. What's going on here is that this group of management goons milked and hyped ceplene for all they could, but eventually they had to pay the piper, and just as I predicted, the terms were about as minimal as possible.

        This round of NP1 talk is them just moving onto the next pump, microcap biotechs are just a merry go 'round, nothing more, these guys aren't anymore guilty than a hundred others, they just aren't as good at it as others.

        best of luck

    • Anyone know how many orphan drug designations there are out there? Plenty.

      There will be little interest in NP1, but if partnered will be another very low upfront.

      I predict that dilution still to occur within this quarter.

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