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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 May 13, 2010 4:06 PM Flag

    ASCO - in eight days we know.

    Acctually they have already been presented some 6 month ago...

    Why is the level of so many american posts here so low?

    Where are you Jonaustin, your "predictions" was at least something to discuss.

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    • They're that low because adjusted to the low end level of your postings. Blabla in length does not make blabla meaningful.

      BTW: Your last „hot news“ of May 13, 2010, refers to an entirely irrelevant company note from March 2009.

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      • Yes, here we have a nice try discussion empirical stuff! Not just sounds from a cave somewhere.

        So, check out the CO and their releases. Was there a denial from FDA in the midle of the week when Epicepts share price fell from USD 2 or not?

        Don't like this kind of ego-posting (who is right and who is wrong) that I am just about to write, but you must shape up on the other side of the Atlantic.

        (1) Empirically you are wrong about the preliminary Azixa presentation, it is already out last fall.

        (2) You are also wrong about the date for the FDA-denial. You mix my release that describes the trials with the news date from FDA.

        Please, note that there was a 9-3 vote in the preliminary judgement in favor for an approval, but they got a NO. - So, there was a special signal her to the biotech market. For those who cared. I tried to discuss the relevance for Epicept here. My point is that there are no basic ground for a general uncertainty about the Ceplene application. But one should always be cautious.

        So what do we have got here, a shorter who missed/did not understand that he / she missed a tool for creating uncertainty? Probably.

        Look at this article to gget some perspective on the whole issue:

        As always, excuse me for my English.

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