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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Jun 17, 2010 3:23 PM Flag

    Epicept Creats a Staggered Board

    The release about the Talley-agreement have two important things to notice for investors:

    1. Epicept is laying the foundation of a staggered board, look at the decisions on the last AGM.

    2. Collier Smyth is the one leading the committe that have the initiative in questions concerning this board.

    For your reference:

    A staggered board of directors or classified board is a practice governing the board of directors of a company, corporation, or other organization in which the members of the board of directors are elected little at each time instead of en masse (where all directors have one-year terms). Each group of directors falls within a specified "class"—e.g., Class I, Class II, etc.—hence the use of the term "classified" board.

    In publicly held companies, staggered boards have the effect of making hostile takeover attempts more difficult. When a board is staggered, hostile bidders must win more than one proxy fight at successive shareholder meetings in order to exercise control of the target firm. Particularly in combination with a poison pill, a staggered board that cannot be dismantled or evaded is one of the most potent takeover defenses available to U.S. companies. [1]

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    • meaningless-----get out --stay out --no where mgt---no progress on approved drug---serial diluters as well

      • 1 Reply to swafcas
      • 1. "no where mgt" - Ceplene approved, now going for the US market. NP-1 as orphan drug. Significant results in PHN phase II.

        2. "no progress on approved drug" - Meda is now succesfully rolling Ceplene out in the EU in the big 5 to start with and all the other countries is on track this time next year. Meda have a European sales staf of appr 1 200 men and women.
        EMEA stated that it was one of the most important drugs that was approved during 2008.
        An investigation showed the economic benefit of using Ceplene for helth care.

        3. "serial diluters as well" - I am buying before the financial solution is presented. Let's see if I will gain more than the ones standing beside. :-)

    • what does it mean? any impacts on the stock price?

    • I got a mail from one of the writers on the Avanza board. He recommended me not to go to deep into the staggered board question, because there have been such a board since the founding of the CO.

      I agree on that.

      The news is that the defence against a hostil take over will be lead by, or have the last resort in Collier Smyth. He is the new chairman of the important committe nominating others for these matters.

      Collier Smyth is playing a more deep and central roll in our CO.

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