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  • wzychowski wzychowski Mar 17, 2011 9:08 PM Flag

    A summary from the webcast

    o.k so why is the after hours price under 60 cents?

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    • wzychowski,

      The webcast summary is relevant, as is your note about share price.

      I think that the major turn around was in december. The acctual path of the continuation of the turn around I do not know. I have decided to put in money and stay long for the two years to come. Maybe the movements will look like the december eruption? There are many people having just the same question as you have. So I think that "eruption type" will be the first couple of 100 %'s. When confidence is back, maybe we have another kind of path. My choice is this: move upward is bigger then the effect of any delution in the future. That holds especially during the spring -11.

      Shorter?, look out for the shorters activity here, with some human delay. :-) But you may miss the big news/moves that way. I understood that most of the active shorters missed the december move, after all their negative work on different threads. New strategies coming up now? Think so. If they meet in real life, do they have one vote per capita or per signature?

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