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  • tffdmdfinn tffdmdfinn Jan 2, 1998 10:38 PM Flag

    great dessauer pick

    STD is not a sexually transmitted disease as some foreign stocks
    can be. Credit this to Dessauer. I bought it for my IRA($2000) before the 3 for 1 split early in 97. Almost instantly the stock started moving upwards. Thanks to JD I now have almost a $1000 profit on my initial investment. WOW!

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    • Looks like STD is going to try to buy out the remaining 48% of Banesto that it doesn't already own.... huge amounts of consolidation savings would probably be generated after eliminating duplicate overhead structures.

      Also noticed that STD is high on their increased Asian presence assuming the Hong Kong courts alow them to purchase the Peregrine investing arm.

    • As long as STD has as much potential as it currently does, and the valuation grows in line with expectations for future growth, I will hold my shares. Target prices to me are way too artificial, since they don't take into account changes in company circumstances before the target is reached.

      For instance, I've read in the last few days that STD is on the prowl in SEA to stake a larger claim to the banking interests there, and is also in an incredibly strong position for the expected consolidation in the European banking industry when the EMU comes along. This coupled with their strong domestic business, and expansions into Latin America make the outlook going forward just about as positive as I can imagine.

      My one maxim for selling is not to do it just because I think the cost looks high, but selling to move to a better idea or on a change in company circumstances. I don't see either of these with STD.

    • News today of a Goldman Sachs upgrade to Market Outperform. That is probably why the stock has been strong lately also. It looks like we have tied our wagon to a strong horse. Do you have a target price in mind or is this a very long term hold for you?
      I do a terrific job of buying stocks but a miserable job of knowing when to sell. Good LUck

    • Have you been pleased with Dessauer's Newsletter overall ?

      I took particular interest in his Million Dollar portfolio.
      I have done well with CCR, STD, HLT, ERICY, and have been bitten
      only by Service Merchandise.

      I also took a small position in Nestle in August 1995 and it seems to be making a move as of late, but John predicted that it wood be on put the NYSE and it has not and, it is hard to find coverage of NESTLE. Any thought?

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      • I have done OK with Mr Dessauer. I have SIEC,CCR,ERICY,STD,ESF,HET, and recently purchased PMRX. I am ahead (in some cases
        quite a bit) in all except the recently purchased PMRX and am confident about the future of it also. You need to be careful with
        his picks as they sometimes tank. I usually watch them for awhile prior to purchasing. He normally picks solid companies with a
        good long term future, but if you are not careful you can buy them at the wrong time. But that is also the case with any stock or
        recommendation. He is as good as I have been able to find in 25 years of beating around in the market. Find a stock or two he likes that you
        also like and follow them and get famaliar with them and then when they come down pick them up.
        Good luck.

    • Dessauer also recommended purchasing this stock, prior to its split.

    • There an article in the online version of the WSJ today that reviews the upcoming earnings releases for most of the major Spanish banks, with a very positive outlook. The banks that diversified into Latin America did exceptionally well, including our STD, which is expected to show a 24% rise over the same quarter last year. Also, the earnings numbers were stated as being out the last week of January, but no fixed date was given.