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  • taramaster taramaster Jul 30, 1998 12:56 PM Flag

    ESF reports earnings today..........

    Up 28.4% over same quarter in 97. I am a little
    surprised the stock did not jump a little bit more. This
    stock continues to look cheap and low risk. These are
    two things I like in a company. Check "news" under
    ESF for the story. Good luck to all.

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    • Those of you who have invested in STD are an
      elite group. You look for good investments wherever
      they are. I don't think the general public/investor
      really knows anything about STD. You will note that the
      volume in STD is never really large. What this creates
      is less volatility and a slow appreciation of the
      stock. Lets keep our fingers crossed that no major
      financial crises hits Spain or South America. I hope Spain
      being a part of the new Euro Dollar will have a
      positive effect on STD. Any thoughts on this?

      • 2 Replies to stkjunky
      • Relax, Spain has been part of the Euro currency
        for years now. Even if the Euro failed institutions
        like Banco de Santander would not suffer. They are as
        solid as the Rock of Gibraltar with or without monke
        (the Rock has both not STD)
        Lately Spain has
        boomed. Compared to 1992 it has come a very long way.
        Real Estate is up, the stock market has moved faster
        that the Dow and in general you have a feeling of
        optimism. Santander was strong even when none of the above
        was true.
        Keep accumulating...
        Buenas noches

      • Hi guys. After following JD's reccomendations for
        2 years (without buying anything he reccom'd) I
        finally bt this stock just 2 mths ago. It is only now
        making money for me. I could just kick myself for not
        jumping in sooner. Frankly I am scared to buy any USA or
        Cdn banks - they gotta be topping off by now and this
        spanish bank gets me into a different market area. Does
        anybody know the silicon investor "address" for the JD
        chat line??