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  • bby_fan bby_fan Mar 19, 2010 10:22 AM Flag

    I bought 5000 more at 41.25

    and now it goes down? God, please help me.

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    • Levine..already sent a letter. The reply stated that we don't match Cyber Monday prices which was stupid since the Cyber Monday price online was higher than the price they were charging in the store the next week. As I stated before, it took 2 weeks to get the set but you can't cancel until you get your merchandise. Once again, customer service gave me a reference number and said that I was correct and entitled to a refund. I am a creature of habit and bought all my gadgets at BB. NEVER AGAIN. I would have taken the set back if I had not been lied to about the refund. BB does not have a monopoly and I will not shop there again. The kiss off letter from the office of the CEO was the topper. Bad Business short and sweet. If they had done what they agreed to do , I would still shop there but it is a matter of principal. I have convinced several people not to shop there and will continue to lobby against them. They bought a lot of advertising for their $250.

    • Golfsid,

      You're right. If the customer service starts slipping, a retailer will lose customers. It is a big reason why some retailers prosper and others collapse.

      If BBY takes advantage of their customers, it will impact the stock. Hopefully, experiences like yours are not too frequent.

      Send a letter to the CEO. I will do so also. You are making an important point.


    • Levine..last thng today. If a retailer gives good customer service then they return and keep purchasing. I deal with the same thing as they do with all the little guys trying to undercut me.A company like BB has all the advantages to put the other guys down but when you don't take care of your own then they shop elsewhere. Simple formula that works.It ain't rocket science.

    • sound like smart guy and you have money invested in this stock but I am just telling the world my experience. I have been in retail for over 20 years and run a high volume store. We are traded on the big board and if my CEO got a letter from a customer like mine, he would call me and bust my azz for being an idiot. We have over 130 large stores and we do a much better job than BB at customer service. I have dealt with plenty of crazy customers that try to abuse the system so I am particularly patient with retailers but BB does not care about customers,period. I bought audio components and a 32 in flat screen from Amazon with no issues.Just telling the truth. By the way I agree with your views on healthcare..good luck with your investing

    • I would never buy a TV online.

      I would peruse the websites to determine the lowest price, and then, find a manager to match the best price. In the Chicago area, ABT Electronics will do this. I don't know that BBY would do so (Unfortunately, ABT is a private company. Great retailer!).

      BBY is a very large company; maybe too big. There is room for improvement in customer service. But, they must compete with lean and mean competitors that provide far less service, but very low prices (such as HGG).

      The public, as demonstrated by Golfsid is very price sensitive. How do you provide better service, when the public will not pay extra for it?


    • I just left Best Buy b/c they wouldn't sell me last year's floor model LCD TV when there were none other to be found in 500 miles. I found something similar at Walmart, but the only differences were the clerks knew the product, were very friendly AND it was cheaper.

    • sell some April covered call options at whatever strike price you would be satisfied to "sell away" on the expiration date ( the 3rd Friday of that month ).

    • The trend is to higher prices. But markets never move in a straight line.

      Don't buy stock with money you need next week. And don't expect a stock will not trade lower than the price you paid immediately after you buy it.

      Once you accept this reality, you will do just fine.

    • The market is overextended. Hopefully, we find support around the 1150 level on the S&P 500.


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