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  • taffy123414 taffy123414 Apr 10, 2012 8:36 AM Flag

    Big BOX stores like BBY might be HISTORY

    I am going over to NICHE stores Like Radio shack which will be around for a LONG LONG time

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    • Obviously, you haven't followed RSH. The shares are a dime above their 52-week low and falling. Definitely a success story.

    • BBY isn't a "big box store." Wal-Mart is. You see the difference, don't you?

    • I wouldn't count out big box stores so soon, but changes are coming to them, and there will be less of them. To keep profit margins up they will need to cut down store numbers, and they may even close profitable stores if another is close by and extend shopping hours to mitigate with the higher number of customers the remaining stores have.

      In the past big box stores have opened as many stores as a local market could carry to keep stores from becoming over crowed, but a lot people seem to be willing to deal with the crowds when they think they are getting a deal, case in point Walmart.

      I have a few of them around me and they are bursting at the seem with customers. There are plenty of other stores around here that are right in line with them price wise with a lot of the same products they sell, and far less crowded, but since they think they are getting a deal they put up the the long checkout lines and crowds. Me I try to avoid the place unless I run out of the things they have really good deals on, and take at least a months supply.

      I also see them reducing the stocking number of products in the stores to only those that are moving quickly. No need to stock 5 models of 32” TV's when 2 account for 85% of sales. Also I expect them to demand bigger discounts for stocking items, and even sell shelf space to manufactures in desirable locations in the store, like right by the front door which every one goes by.

      Also I expect expanded online sales with a lot of in store pickup, which I prefer over direct to home shipment most of the time. First I don't have to wait around to receive it, which means I don't have to loss money from not working, and not having to go through some major rigamarole should it come damaged, or breaks under warranty. Which some of the reasons why I am will to spend a little more at a local store, especially on more expensive goods. I know someone who just bought a 65” TV and says they saved $150 on a 5K TV, I wouldn't like to be in their shoes if something goes wrong with it.

    • The ONLY thing RS sells that I consider valuable are small small crap, like fuses which are necessary for repair of systems. Otherwise everything on their shelves can be bought elsewhere for FAR less. RS won't be around long.

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      • Radio shack is crap but does have some very geek smart employees and of course idiots as well. Micro center is the perfect model but last I checked only around 15 stores nation wide . Best buy micro stores should do ok and get way more traffic than their mobile stores. Sales still ok you shorts better hope they don't pull a Sears or you are all f kd

    • That sell accessories and low quality crap

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