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  • richardx58 richardx58 Oct 4, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Both hit doubles, No home run for Romney

    Bush has been out of office for 4 years. Wake up!!

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    • Ah, the new strategy, Bush. Same as the old strategy. I go back to my question in 2009/10/11, if Obama is helpless, can't make a difference, why keep Obama? Kind of like saying the CEO of BBY is incompetent and can't make changes to the company, so give him another 4 years. What are you hoping for? More of Pelosi and Reid, a repeat of 2009, 2010?

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      • Why keep PRESIDENT Obama? Because no matter how dim your view of his future plans are for this country it is better than the insanity Willard is asking us to believe in. He wants us to go back to the failed policies of the past. The simple fact is that Willard wants to disguise his economic prescription but it is nothing more than the failed "trickle down" theory that Ronnie had some 30 years ago. Willard and his fellow Republicans must never have heard the definition of insanity as he keeps trying the same thing over and over. It is either that or he and they just want class warfare with the rich coming out on top.

        I happen to believe the track that PRESIDENT Obama is asking us to take will eventually strengthen the American middle class, which is the economic backbone of this country. The rich help but today are not doing their fair share and they even want to reduce the small amount they do do. Without their contributions to government revenue our country is sinking in Republican sponsored debt.


    • But the Bush pain will last for 100 of years. The damage has been done.

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