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  • basicknowledge Nov 20, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

    Easiest Way to Make Profits IS ......

    Best Buy if you have NOT figured this out, here it is.

    1. Hire competent sales people who know about the products you carry.
    2. NO longer hire college drop outs, and wanna be techies.... All incompetent every time I walk into your store.
    3. Actually carry the accessories to your products in store, and NOT at a warehouse.
    4. Get people to want to share a Nice experience for shopping there. All we get is horror stories.

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    • BBY following the same pattern as Circuit City for demise.
      Schulze LBO offer of 24-26 ain't going to happen - long short like 99% sure it won't happen.
      Upside potential - maybe only to 15-16 (for a few hours).
      Handwriting is on the wall.
      Prayers needed for BBY to stay in business beyond 2014.

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