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  • benny_jacobs_101 benny_jacobs_101 Dec 7, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    What Fiscal Cliff - We're off to Hawaii

    president obama, showing total disregard for his supporters, has chosen to go on vacation for 3 weeks while the country faces financial collapse. It's good to be king.

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    • Just think how all those people he sucked up to after the massive storm in New York and New Jersey feel now, some still with no power, or food or housing that voted for him. He must be so proud and no doubt they are so happy, ain't politics wonderful? Hmm I guess you get what you pay for huh?

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      • The politicians voted to create the so-called "Fiscal Cliff", rather than face the underlying issues. So now, they will turn their backs on their voters and kick the can down the road again, rather than honestly deal the impending insolvency that will result from their policies.

        The National Debt, including unfunded liabilities is estimated to be $86T.

        If the politicians insist on spending as much as they have been doing, let them raise the taxes. Raise the rates, eliminate all deductions, institute a VAT and keep raising taxes until the accounting comes back into balance.

        Of course, the politicians don't want to do that, because more people might wake up to the fraud and toss all these thieves out the door.

        The fiscal cliff is a joke. It is a fight over pennies compared to the hole that our leaders have dug for us. A recession over the next few quarters is likely in any event.


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