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  • dsloter dsloter Dec 13, 2012 8:43 AM Flag

    I am betting $19-$20

    He has got to make an offer that the board will accept or what is the point? He knows these people and what they will accept....from everything that I have read, the board will reject $18. I am guessing he won't be in the mood to play around and wants a deal done now...I say it closes before year end so they can realize massive tax savings.

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    • My guess is with the stock having collapsed,that Mr S. was (and probably still is) in the $15 range and the BOD is probably saying the drop off was due to his intransigence in the first place,so they are at $25.

      My further guess is he might go to $18, but no more. I have a further concern that he is on margin and if so, has to be under some degree of pressure. If that is the case-and no proof one way or the other-he not only wants the price to to up,but would need it to go up. Put a bit differently, his "discussions" about a takeover may only be that, a ploy to get the price up.

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    • dorianpc Dec 15, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

      yahoo message board readers, study the posts in this thread. It will teach you about folly.

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      • Offer will come very soon and we wont have to wait until end of February! I'm guessing offer will be in the high teens, low 20 range and that offer will come in just a few weeks from now, soon after the New Year. By that time Schulze will know what 4th quarter earnings estimates were from Christmas sales. Don't let the news fool ya into thinking he's not going to make offer before that time. It's going to come sooner than you think. Shorts know this and will have to cover soon! I'm expecting a nice bounce into the new year based on good earnings for 4th quarter sales. Guessing we see $15 before year end! All you bashers can mark this post!

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    • Depends what the holiday sales are and only they know. Slashed dividend once the company goes private so that's over $2.5B in free cash flow (based on last 12 months going forward). If holiday sales are good and they continue to grow their online business ($50 iPhone discount set twitter on fire earlier this week) then $20 seems highly plausible.

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    • Absolutely, what is the point of a low-ball offer which will be rejected? Time is on the essence

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