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  • vipinkot47 vipinkot47 Dec 25, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

    With Right Management BBY can Run Like Secretariate...

    Its a great company and like Secretariate, the horse.. needs a right Jokey and rigth owner who can speed up the ONLINE sales so fast and compete with AMZN at every level. Then the stock will get to not just $22 but $35-$40.. back to its glory days. If Schulze buys it around $20, its a STEAL sice he started this company and knows how to bring it back.

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    • If Schulze buys it around $16, it would be a bigger STEAL .He knows it.His lenders know it.

    • MORE online ADDS --leave AMZ in the cloud ---

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    • Once and if Schulze acquires the Best Buy around $20-$22, he will move fast to close the under performing brick--and-mortar stores, will rent unused space for coffee or snack shop or bank branch or a dry cleaner etc. He will get some high tech people and move the sales very fast ONLINE to compete with AMZN and WMT and give them the run for their money. He is also likely to sell some stores in China, Japan and Europe (to raise more cash). He said that earlier this summer. He knows his business and will ask manufacturers for better pricing. He might even bring some smart people from competitors like Wal-Mart, Target and eve Amazon. Once the Best Buy strats to bring earnings like it used to do in years 2001-2009, He will take BBY public again..THIS TIME @ $35-$40 and rake in lots and lots of money. Then, he will be the one who will have a LAST LAUGH on people who are bashing the Best Buy like Cramer and all those idiot analysts. Schulze will do whatever he needs to do to get this company to its old glory. Remember he is the one who started this compay.

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    • Schulze will also close a lot of under performing brick-and -mortar stores, dowsize stores ad/or rent unused space for coffee or snacks shop, or bank branch, dry cleaner.. etc. He also said earlier in the summer that if he acquires the company, he may sell some of the overseas stores in China, Japan and Europe (thus raising more cash), and cutting overhead costs to improve margins and will demand better prices from manufacturers. He Knows how to turn around this company by bringing some smart management people from Target, Wal-Mart and even AMZN. Once the company starts to bring earnigs like it used to in 2001-2008 era, He will take the company public again raking in lots and lots of money. He will then have the last laugh on people who bashes the BBY especially like Cramer and those idiot analysts.

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