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  • sath_man sath_man Dec 27, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Buyout offer at best

    I think the offer will not be more that $16 per share.

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    • what if the guy is just jerking around and never put in an offer? what guarantee you have that a offer will come.

      why wont he drive the price all the way down, and then buy it for pennies. why pay $16 a share when he can get it for a lot lower.

      You can say what you want, but the guy who is paying real dollars, will try to save every dollar he can.

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      • "You can say what you want, but the guy who is paying real dollars, will try to save every dollar he can."

        I think that is where your should look for your answer. Institutions that are holding all the BBY shares (check under stock float institutions hold) will not give up their shares on a huge loss and let the company go bankrupt when it is making $50B a year in sales. And to be even more precise, it is not just BBY at stake, but all the manufacturers of the goods being sold at BBY.

        Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. AMZN is selling what? $5B in CE at best and rest in everything else and BBY $50B in CE and you are telling me AMZN would save their bacon? No way!

        Schulze may or may not come back with the offer and his offer may or may not be accepted (if considered too low), but mark my words, this stock will be in $20+ on its own before end of the 2013.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I can assure you BBY will not be sold for less than $20. Even $20 may be huge underestimate. Share price is irrelevant. I do recall companies that were valued (share price wise) for significantly less than all their Cash - (all debt) and not counting any equity. You may call it ridiculous, but that is Wall St. Do you think they sold the company for that ridiculous valuation? You can only dream about it. BBY is making $50B in sales, and that is not going away. They may even get better (earnings wise), once AMZN is mandated to pay taxes in all states and CE prices/margins goes up due to market self regulation.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • RIMM was at $6.33 just a few months ago. It hit $15 AH last week before the selloff! At the time it was in the low $6's, analysts came out with price targets of $5. lol. Time will tell with BBY.

        As long as x-mas sales aren't HORRIBLE, it'll be ok. Expectations are low at this point. We are in a lousy economy, with very low growth, huge unemployment, etc. I certainly expect lower sales versus last year. But if they aren't MUCH lower (i.e. falling off a cliff), it'll still be fine. As long as they put up relatively decent numbers. Obviously, margins will be squeezed as they haven't had enough time to implement and see the effects of most of the turnaround strategies.

        Two kicks at the can: 1) Buyout, 2) Turnaround.

      • For new meat around vookota is long BBY from $24. He sounds so desperate

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