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  • niles.brinkley niles.brinkley Jan 5, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Thinking About Shorting This With All I've Got

    .....and retiring. What a messed up place. Who needs them?

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    • Going long or short with "all you've got" is a surefire way to financial ruin.

    • The time to short was when they put out the phoney buyout story to try to compensate for falling sales. The stock jumped up for a couple of days when newbies piled in. Since then the stock has been in freefall. That was the time to short.
      You could make a couple of bucks from here when the holiday sales failure is announced but I don't think it can go much lower than 8.50 - 9.00 until they can't afford the dividend. They generate cash this qtr so the next big drop wont come until summer just like last year and the year before although there could be a big drop in February when they announce Schulze couldn't get financial backers.
      It's hard to tell how the market will react when the supposed buyout doesn't happen because none of the fund managers believed it from the beginning. To someone with a finance background and experience in the markets the entire store didn't make sense so they were all selling the news not buying the hype.
      It IS a funny story. The guy whose strategy almost ruined the company is forced out. Now he's going to find backers willing to buy his stock at double the market price because he can assemble all the former management that helped him ruin the company to run the company for the new owners. All they need to do is pay 8 billion for a 4 billion company whose sales have been dropping for 4 years.

    • You should have done that when it was selling over $14... then you'd have made some cashola... still I think it's likely that after earnings this will drop below $11...

    • Where are you retiring to? The streets of S.F. where it's livable during the Winter?

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