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  • kirilandrei kirilandrei Jan 12, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    evaluate the situation if you want to make money

    people will simply let their feelings take control of their situation. unfortunately that will leave you broke in stock market. shorters will try to justify the situation as much as they can. in the end, at least small timers will let theirs feelings get the best out of them. you have to remember that this stock makes 2.5 per share in it's worst shape. it pays dividend higher than exxon and aaple. it's one of the few remaining retailers. that is why it would be hard to eradicate the last ones. or do you honestly believe everything will be online? shorters want to short this stock at around 11 bucks. don't forget, many people are short so they is the potential of short squeeze. No one can predict the markets on the daily basis, if you could then you short trade binary options rather than stocks. they are ignoring the fundamentals. if you ask shorters, they keep bringing back the circuit city. but they fail to explain how many companies went into bk because of panic? do you remember 2008? everyone thought world was ending and many companies were going bk, such as bac, microsoft, mu, among other other companies. dow went down 770 points in one day. did that mean companies were facing BK? when there is panic, take advantage of it. let idiots lose money. they always consider BK, but in reality they thought over 200 good companies were facing BK and the only ones that went down were lehman. and fannie and few that were completely wrecked. people only few months ago were ranting about mu and talking about BK when stock was at 5.2, now it's at 7.4 and keeps going up. if you want to be rich, you have to undrestand cycle. from time to time one or 2 companies go BK. but overall 99 percent are cyclic stocks. be smart. if bby went BK, you will get almost 12 bucks after they pay off their debt. and yet they try to tell you that bby is in immediate danger because of sales decline. It's easy to understand why public almost never makes money in stock market. what public needs is consolidation of opinions so there is less disarray. I make money from disarray, but at certain point people have to come to an agreement and do what's right so everyone can make money. bby was a bad stock at 40, 30 or even at 20. but to say this stock is bad at it's all time low, you are an idiot. I sold aapl at 700 because it was a good stock and company, just not at 700. you might hate bby but you have to evaluate it's lowest point. If this stock went to 9 bucks. someone could take over this company and liquidate everything and become a billionaire

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    • That's good and all if you truly believe the economy itself can sustain $5+ trillion addition to the already $16 trillion debt every 4 years... Other nations have been willing to finance the U.S. in the past because it was a strong growing economy... the last 15 years or so, it has massively slowed down while the debt and spending has massively grown... nothing has changed and we are heading for some very deep rough waters... Stock market will drop rapidly very soon, February will be the start, and I'm guessing it will continue dropping through 'till June, but the days of the 13,000+ DOW will be gone forever... I admit that I'm short on BBY, it's currently the only stock I hold a position on, but I'm only short 100 shares, so I'm not no where near dying on it... I'll be buying back into the market when it drops below 6,000... It's coming, I'll see you there...

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      • Our debt is not that much for the wealthiest country on the planet. The only thing that will screw it up is if the Tea Party starts acting like their deadbeat leader Donald Trump again. This is also a good time to have debt with interest rates at record lows. This continuous bailout of banks and homeowners does need to come to an end though which will cool things off but more so for the housing industry than the market. We are overdue to realize that houses are consumption and not an investment and always need something.

    • this couldn't be further than truth. I remember analyst were saying to buy aapl at 700 but now saying hold or sell at around 500. If you watch cnbc and invest based on their valuation you will lose money. they will tell you to buy expensive and sell cheap and not vice versa? that make sense to you? buy at all time high and sell at all time low?

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, my sentiments exactly, I had purchased FB at 17 when wall street enmasse was giving a hold rating on it and now at 30 they want us to buy..hmmmm at 17 its a sell and at 30 its a buy. The way BBY is turning around and being a retail guy, I love what Joly is doing and if he can tighten the margins fractionally as laid out in his plans that seem to be working we can see 30s again....they needed to get rid of Schulze and Associates and get a professional in. Take a look at the NOV 20 press conference and you will be happy with the strategies. There isn't another place I would buy my CE from and that is why I loaded up on this stock.

    • Yep, agree with mooola, too long but so true! "bby was a bad stock at 40, 30 or even at 20. but to say this stock is bad at it's all time low, you are an idiot. I sold aapl at 700 because it was a good stock and company, just not at 700. you might hate bby but you have to evaluate it's lowest point. "
      RIMM is a similar case. People loved it at USD 130 but utterly hated it at USD 7 with a clean balance sheet, enormous cash position and a clear catalyst going forward (release of BB10). No wonder people lose money if they get influenced by the so called experts on CNBC or the analyst community.

    • Great thinking, agree! Sometimes the price of the stock does not match its fundamentals for good or for bad, stock price and the fundamentals of a company does not have to go together and if you can notice that you will make good solid trades.

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    • Blah Blah Blah. This is the next CC. I was buying shares since last Friday around and under $12 for two reasons the stock kept approaching 52 week lows and the buyout possibillity was weeks away. I bought 3000 more shares on that Thursday drop which was fed buy the Target price matching I thought and stops being hit. Sold all my shares for 19G profit Friday and hoping for a dip to get back in because I still think there is a 60-70% chance of the buyout. However cash flow is dropping which makes equity raising tougher for Schulze. This is a great store but a POS stock. Too much competition namely AMZN who has less expense to sell stuff.

    • hey dude..zzzzzzzz much toooo lonnng..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      GO.....BBY ! nice to see VOL players coming in..shorts... running for cover..

      glta..its stock mkt...

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