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  • Is this rally for real?
    WHY ?
    BBY is up 40% in 15 trading days.

    I am aware of a possible buyout deal.
    I am also aware that the holiday season
    was not bad

    still the question is

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    • The market will do what you don't expect it to do because the retail investor has no idea what is happening behind the scenes. A perfect example would be Amzn not making its expectations, but still jumping from 260 to as high as 290 after hours, or Apple trading under a 10 EPS multiple hitting most expectations, Iphone sales miss, and the stock falls $60. Or QCOR, with rev growth yoy 100% with growth expectation of 30% goes from 55 to 17 in two days because of a misinterpretation of health providers policy for reimbursement. QCOR has beat expectation for more then 2 years. Bottom line, if you have enough money and time your buys and sells correctly to change momentum and effect shareholder confidence, you can take a stock price anyplace. So you believe that Shultz can't get the buyout completed? Or you feel that BBY can't hit $30 or $40 again? Then I have one last thing to say to you, Read my first sentence. GLTA

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      • I agree with your assessment about AMZN and AAPL
        it seems that AMZN can do no wrong
        whereas AAPL can do no right at this time.
        AMZN's total revenue for next year is estimated at $94B
        AAPL's cash position stands at around $130 B
        don't know anything about QCOR
        and I know the market is fickle, still it seems that a 40%
        increase in BBY stock price over the last 15 days mystifies me
        I own the stock as well as AAPL, have owned AMZN
        at time of earnings for a few hours since whatever they report
        it will be spun in to a positive.
        As far as Shultz is concerned, I would have thought that with
        the stock price around $12/13 and his access to the books, he
        would have made some kind of announcement, but I know of none.
        We shall see, I guess if we new the market, we would all be rich.

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    • It's a slow death interupted with brief periods of optimism. The fall from near fifty has had lots of rallies like this but they eventually fail. Why is this different? Is the business growing? No, in fact they just announced store closings in Canada today. Is there a buyout? Has anyone actually made a bid?
      When the markets pull back from this rally BBY will dop and drop fast. You've heard the term "sucker's rallY" haven't you? Their post holiday announvement of another quarter of negative growth was horrible. They've had two bad years and now they are starting a third with sales falling from previously horrible levels. 75% of their leases have over 6 years left so they can't even get out of those. Cash is dwindling because they bought back shares at high prices which was a complete waste of shareholder money.
      Giants die slowly, but make no mistake, the wounds are fatal.

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      • Well, if they could close the other 25% of the stores
        that have a short lease commitment, that would be
        construed as positive..
        Not sure where these stores are located, so would that
        be of help or not.

        I do believe that going private is a pipe dream.

        The biggest competition "AMZN" will have to start
        collecting state taxes on all they sell in the not so
        distant future.
        That has been a big advantage for them over BBY.

        As far as the market is concerned, I do agree that
        BBY will fall further and faster should the market
        go south.
        Question is when ??

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